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Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
You're a promising young adventurer, a few months following your first big adventure in which you became a local hero somewhere. Some parties stick together afterward, some go their separate ways without enough reasons to hold them together. Such is the life of an adventurer. Either way, you have embarked on a new leg of your career and the trade outpost of Crosser's Forge seemed like the natural place for a fresh start. It's a town that is a stepping off point into many different regions and environments. A big town seen as a mecca for people looking for a change or to set out to new places.

Some of you have been in town longer than others, but all of you have learned that despite the high count of adventurers in this town providing a wider safe zone than many, similar things trouble this popular town as trouble others. Though raids directly on the town are uncommon for obvious reasons, the road in can draw the unintelligent that underestimate the caliber of folks coming in. There's also some unsavory adventurers and travelers that foolishly cause trouble in town.

Your time so far in town interacting with locals has yielded the following information about goings on:

- A merchant named Lewis Yewson has recently come into town with his trade business called "Geez Louie's Sundries and Luxuries". The talk of the town, he's been shaking up the local commodities trade with his wheelings and dealings; and it's said given time he can find you other things besides simple foods and entertainment items.
- A noble was recently found murdered in his home and the other nobility are raising a bit of a stink about it with local law. The commonfolk are actually pleased about it. Apparently the killed noble was notoriously unsavory.
- There is an unusually high number of Ragathiel faithful in town. Though their god is Lawful Good, his following has a bit of a reputation for going around smiting evil to a zealous degree. Thus there is a bit of unease at both the fact that something in town might have drawn them here, that they might cause damage to the town in their crusade, and the more educated on the religion are frightened that there are no identifiable inquisitors walking out in the open. Ragathiel faithful walking around as a unit with no inquisitor means the inquisitor is at work and that unit isn't just passing through. The faithful seem to be answering to a cleric named Cassian Dorovan, but you haven't seen him. A couple ladies did mention his good looks however, and you've gathered that he's early middle-aged.

Whatever you have been doing in town you find yourself in the local tavern called the "Slap & Tickle" a famed series of taverns that establish themselves in high traffic towns. This one is owned by Domonoc Sledgehand, who allegedly is the World's Tallest Dwarf, standing at a very broad 5 foot 8 inches. The place is packed this night, with at least twelve adventurers that look somewhat well traveled and a mix of citizenry and lower level adventurers. With so many adventuring types in their, the only one that really stands out is an unusually tall red-head in full plate. Standing at a massive seven feet four inches, it's impossible to not notice her sitting at one of the tables. She's so tall you thought she was standing at first glance. Nearby, the locally famous tradesman Lewis seemed to be cutting a deal with a supplier.

Things changed in a blink though. A massive surge of roots and leaves ripped through the left wall of the tavern, the burst destroying five entire tables including the one in front of Neva. Over a dozen people are killed instantly, buried in the rubble. Sarn dives in the way of a falling support beam, saving Alfwen's brother from certain death as the guy was going to order drinks at the bar, but the sibling is knocked unconscious. Suiri reflexively darts to intercept a spray of thorns that would have surely spelled disaster for Adam's precious simulcrum amd possbily hurt Adam as well.

As the dust and roots settle, a Large reptilian monster called a drake looms in the wreckage. Easily bigger than a horse, the thing had muted blue scales all over its wingless body. It doesn't look right. As if the various fibers that make up its sinewy muscles had become twisted like gnarled roots in a blighted forest. It's eyes throb with energy that looks like a very sludgey green color. IT howls in rage with a twitchy, jerking motion as if its muscles can't quite cooperate perform the action.

Roll Initiative.

You have time to pull out one thing as the dust settles and the battle officially starts, but nothing else. If you rolled the background element that you know who owns the drake, do not include any information about the identity until I say so.

The map is in the Game Map section, with your position marked with the first three letters of your name. The arrow is the drake and the direction he is facing.


Neva rolled 22
Suiri Caisteal rolled 18
Alfwen rolled 17
Sarn Theris rolled 16
Jade Eurydice rolled 13
Imryll Quizeiros rolled 13
Lewis Yewson rolled 11
Don Esteban de Leon rolled 11
Vagras of Kleinhold rolled 10
Adam Tachles rolled 7
NPC Drake, rolled 7

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Sarn Theris
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Tue 11 Aug 2020
at 23:13
Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Sarn had managed to push a young man to safety in the midst of the crashing, cracking, and breaking. He stands after the attack from the strange, magic-infused Drake, looking at a piece of wood that impaled a muscle in his forearm. He pulls out the offending chunk of debris and hefts a large Darkwood shield emblazoned with the crest of his Order: a five pointed iron star, clutched by a fearsome talon as he moves forward. Sarn brings his hand to the hilt of his sword. The broadsword slides from the scabbard quickly, revealing a dark, black blade of adamantine which he swings at the offending dragon-kin.  "Dragon scale rends to the might of Abadar."

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Suiri Caisteal
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Tue 11 Aug 2020
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Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Suiri Caisteal mostly stuck to the shadows when she came into town, trying not to draw too much attention to herself. A feat you wouldn't think plausible for a towering seven foot red haired woman in well worn plate armor. The more warfare inclined might have seen her occasionally working the forge and the local smithy to earn some extra coin. Armorless in those times, one would be able to make out her densely muscled but still feminine form, her face still above average in beauty despite vicious scaring. Looking past it anyone would be able to tell that it was once a face that could have started a war. She looks like the highly desired princess of a barbarian tribe without her armor on.

Suiri was in the pub that might waiting for a contact to show up. As much as she sometimes wished to live peacefully helping people in mundane ways, an itch had started to grow that she couldn't resist for long. The nightmares had started again. So she needed to kill them again.

Things never seem simple, and the crashing in of a draconic beast and the spray of thorns moved her body almost automatically. With an almost liquid grace that you wouldn't expect from such a large figure in so much armor, Suiri bolts in between the drake and the people sitting nearly right in its path. Raising the mithril buckler on her arm that is fashioned into the image of the songbird holy symbol of Shelyn, she tries to bat away some of the thorns with her bastard sword as she draws it. The hand and a half sword is properly sized to the massive woman, so tip to pommel the thing is easily six feet in length. She cannot block them all though, and several drive into her, one  cutting across one eyebrow and spraying a bit of blood across the table.

Seeing the blood past her vision, there is breifly a look on her face, a thousand yard stare. As if she is about to either scream or fly into an insane rage. She steps back a little. Rolled 14 vs Will Save DC 13 However she then shakes it off and refocuses.

The woman settles into a stance, ready to pounce at the thing, "Urulki." (OOC: Elven for Heat)

Her buckler ignites, melting into the shape of a helm, a cassisian angel to be more precise. Wings of fire spread out from the sides and the whole thing solidifies into a mithril tower shield depicting a winged helm.

No Action: 5ft step diagonally to the northeast
Move Action: Turn magic shield from buckler to tower shield. AC is now 27.
Standard Action: Ready an action to charge it with my Rhino Charge feat if it goes to attack anyone but me.

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Don Esteban de Leon
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Wed 12 Aug 2020
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Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Having a drink at the bar, Don Esteban was conducting some research as to running a successful inn that he was planning to start in the town. Looking at the last few coins he had, the investment will make or break him. At least if it failed, he could see about becoming a dancing instructor once again.

Feeling the building start to shake, he reached for his glaive and grabbed it so that no one would get hurt by its edge if it was to fall. Turning around to see the cause of the intrusion, the drake was in the middle of the room and he did not have far to go to attack.

Quickly closing the distance, the glaive slashed into the drake.

Standard Attack Drake to hit 33, damage 18
Move 20' West to reach drake.

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Lewis Yewson
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Wed 12 Aug 2020
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Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Lewis was sitting peacefully at the bar, discussing business with a local corn seller over drinks when the drake burst into the tavern, stray debris striking his compatriot and worse yet tipping over his drink. The merchant might live, but the mead was certainly ruined. The surviving adventurers sprang into action, so he took the logic step to ensure he could quickly replace his beverage. And of course get the man some medical attention.

He walks forward, pulling a wand from his sleeve, "Mukbak, cilly crill..."

Move Action: Move 4 south and then diagonally 1 southeast to where I'm at the end of the bar there.
Standard: Ready an action to cast Mudball from a wand when it goes to attack someone.

Adam Tachles
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Wed 12 Aug 2020
at 01:04
Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Adam, who had stationed himself front and center at the bar so he could best get access to the wonder of liquor, stood up on unsteady legs. He shifted and pulled a sware back bag onto his back as he turned around. It was a delight to have all of his important alchemy within arms reach.

The other Adam's had been walking about attempting to sell Potions, Alchemy, and tattoo services. This came to an end when Adam Prime clapped his hands. "Adam's out the door and secure the cart. Double time."

He walked up right behind Suiri who had saved one of his simulacra, a rather insanely investive creation, and pulled out a bottle. Pressing the top down there was a very fine mist that evaporated very quickly around Suiri. She was wounded for his, so she would be protected as if she was one of his as well.

Infusion alchemy:
20:03, Today: Adam Tachles rolled 17 using 1d10+7.  False life.
 17 temp hitpoints for Suiri. You're still hurt but this is a bandaid until I can heal heal you.

20:00, Today: Adam Tachles rolled 7 using 1d20+2.  Init.

Jade Eurydice
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Wed 12 Aug 2020
at 02:12
Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Jade Eurydice looked like a wide-eyed kid from the sticks when she first came into Crosser's Forge about a week ago.  Her manners were a bit better and the people she'd interacted with realized that while her curiosity matched that stereotype, she was certainly more educated than that.  Despite having a few good stories of adventure to her name that she was actually pretty bad at telling, she had clearly been hidden away from the world in a temple or the like most of her young life.

Despite being in her early twenties, she was taking in the "Slap & Tickle" as something of an immature, tourist-y joke that evening. She was sitting far to the side near the door and watching the comings and goings when the dragon broke in.  She was alert enough to be on her feet within a second.  She was farther away from it than most, which meant she might have a few seconds to prepare.

Her eyes took in the creature and she thrust her hands out to the sides, her palms pointed downward toward the floor as a loud, crackling noise started to sound and the ground under her seemed to rumble slightly as she did... something.

Swift: Scout ability check vs (10 + creature's CR) for info on weaknesses / DR (21 result)
Full-round Action: Gather Power

21:40, Today: Jade Eurydice rolled 13 using 1d20+5.  Initiative.
22:07, Today: Jade Eurydice rolled 21 using 1d20+13.  Scout check (perception -5).

Vagras of Kleinhold
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Wed 12 Aug 2020
at 02:15
Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
"I really don't see why we can't get moving again," Indigo said in a huff as she paced back and forth on the table in front of Vagras, sparkling lights dancing around her. The young wizard sighed and looked up towards the tavern ceiling and the heavens beyond before replying to the tiny winged woman. "Not this again, Indy. I'm not done here yet. I may have lost the trail here, but I'm sure I'll pick it up again before too long. Just a little more patience with me, please. We'll be on the road again soon." The azata frowned and then sighed herself before plopping down on the table. "Oh, all right," she replied as she lay back on the wooden surface, "I just hope something exciting happens today..."

Suddenly, a thunderous crash and screams of pain and rage heralded the appearance of something more exciting.

Jumping up from his chair, Vagras turned and saw the drake and the havoc it had created. "Take cover, Indy." he said and his familiar immediately darted up into the rafters.

Quickly taking stock of the situation, Vagras grabbed a small piece of licorice root out of a bag at his waist and cast an incantation towards the people right in front of the drake.

Initiative 10
Cast Haste on the people clustered in front of/next to the drake. Will affect up to 7 within 30 ft of each other.
(I can try to be more specific about who gets affected by the spell, but people have moved around so I'm not sure who I can get.)

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Wed 12 Aug 2020
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Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Ever wandering to places known and unknown, spreading the lessons of Desna along the way, Neva had come to Crosser's Forge after her successful uprooting of a mayor of a more tyrannical bent down south. While some might call her an agent of chaos, she was proud that she inspired the people to take back their village from a man who thought he owned them all. She did not stick around for the new elections, Neva was sure the good folk would figure that out among themselves, and the road beckoned.

Crosser's Forge was a place like many others she had visited, but it was quite colorful in what folk it attracted. Nothing like one of the great cities of course, but still remarkable enough in itself. She had met some interesting folk already, and before negotiating with the very tall dwarf about performing for a bit of coin, a meal and a room she rested her tired feet a moment.

Then the wall exploded, the table in front of her was swept away in a wave of destruction. Neva, on the other hand, was unharmed. While she gathered her senses and jumped up she thanked Desna, Lady of Luck, to protect her once again. Then she saw the creature responsible for the attack. She had no idea what was wrong with it but,m seeing as it was destroying the building and the poor folk of Crosser's Forge, she was not in a mood to wait and see if this was an accident. No, this was an attack, and her hand drew her strange four-pointed weapon from her hip, and she leaped back, light on her feet and almost dancing as she spun and threw the weapon. She was imbalanced however, and she fumbled the attack. But should anyone pay attention, they would be surprised to see the weapon unerringly returned to her hand as she danced on and vanished behind the cover of the bar..

Initiative 22.
Swift Action: Fervor - Cast Divine Power on self.
Free Action: draw starknife (Quick Draw)
Standard Action: Deadly Shot vs Drake - To hit: 18 (nat 1) / Damage: 28
Move Action: Move behind bar for cover.

09:06, Today: Neva rolled 22 using 1d20+5.  Initiative
13:25, Today: Neva rolled 18 using 1d20+17.  Deadly Shot vs Drake - To Hit.
13:27, Today: Neva rolled 28 using 2d10+1d6+17.  Attack Damage.

 Mystic Theurge, 7 posts
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Thu 13 Aug 2020
at 05:26
Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward

Sitting at a table before the last remaining cult members who still had faith, yet something went horribly wrong. In the blink of an eye a drake crashed into the tavern and reduced it to a wreck. People are dead, injured, or in trouble and the drake isn't done.

Luck would have it, that this tavern was filled with warriors and heroes ready to take on the beast. As many seemed to spring forward and attack, others began to cast spells. So too, would Alfwen began to cast a spell herself. Once done she began to fall back towards the cover of the bar.

Standard action: Casting Mirror Image
Move action: Move towards bar.

22:21, Today: Alfwen rolled 17 using 1d20+5.  Initiative.

22:17, Today: Alfwen rolled 5 using 1d4+2.  Mirror Image.

Imryll Quizeiros
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Thu 13 Aug 2020
at 14:28
Introduction - Run Over on the Path Forward
Sitting in a quiet area in the tavern there is a lonely elf, struggling to eat the food that has in front of him. Hes sitting quietly and looking with disgust at the plate and drink that hes been served. He made it to the town just this morning and has not been very talkative with anyone but the waitress so far.

He is wearing a nice expensive armour that seems made of silver and silk, with many details and ornaments, with a quiver on his belt. Hes carrying what it looks a large weapon wrapped in a piece of cloth tied to his back and next to him on the chair there is his backpack, an expensive composite bow and another weapon also wrapped in a piece of cloth. Hes probably placed the backpack there to avoid unwanted conversation.

As the left wall breaks with the roots and leaves and the burst destroys half of the tavern, grabs his bow, leaving the backpack and the other weapon fall on the floor.

When he sees the reptilian monster in the middle of the settling dust, he walks towards the centre of the room while he mutters some arcane words. As he reaches the centre of the room he speaks in common with a strong elven accent.

Who is this lizard?

Hes getting ready to whatever might happen, as he tries to get some information from whoever in the room has it.

Initiative roll :13
23:24, Tue 11 Aug: Imryll Quizeiros rolled 13 using 1d20+4.  Initiative. - [roll=1597184670.44114.347520]

Move action: move 4 squares south, in front of Alf, diagonal to Ada.

Standard action: Cast Cats grace on himself
15:27, Today: Imryll Quizeiros rolled 4 using 1d4+1.  Cat's grace. - [roll=1597328856.86905.347520]

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