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Assist & Master Mode
Reclaim the Wild offers several optional rules to change the complexity and difficulty of the game. Assist Mode options reduce complexity or make the game easier on players, while Master Mode options do the opposite.

Here is a list of which ones we're using for this game, with Assist Mode options first and Master Mode options second.

Assist Mode

Master Mode
Hunger & Staying Fed
By default, Heroes in Reclaim the Wild do not have to worry about starvation. Though they may want proper Dishes of delicious food in order to recover their Health, Stamina, and Magic, they do not need to eat if they are otherwise in good health.

In Master Mode, however, that changes. Whenever a Hero takes a Short or Extended Rest, they must eat, even if they are otherwise in good health, or they will risk going hungry.
During a Short or Extended Rest, a Hero must consume a Dish to stave off Hunger. The Dish may have any kind of effect, or no effect at all, but it must be a cooked Dish and not simply a single raw Ingredient – when it comes to staving off Hunger, any cooked food is good food.

Whenever a Hero fails to eat the necessary amount of food during a Short or Extended Rest, they gain a Rank of Hunger. At the end of an Extended Rest, Heroes lose (Hunger Rank) HP.
Hunger does not have a maximum Rank.

While Hungry, it takes more effort to do things in combat. All Spells and Techniques have their Stamina and Magic cost increased by (Hunger Rank).

Further, your body and mind cannot act to their fullest, and you suffer a penalty to all Trait checks equal to (Hunger Rank / 2).

If a Hero was already Hungry, and they consume the required amount of food for a Short or Extended Rest, then their Hunger goes down a Rank. If a Hero’s Hunger reaches Rank 0, they are no longer Hungry. Hunger can’t be cured by any other means.

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