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Tue 28 Jul 2020
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Character Creation
Use this array: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10.

3rd level characters at start. Multiclassing is not allowed at start but is an option later.

Maximum hit points at all levels.

All characters start with one feat (variant humans get two).

I don't use alignment. (Detect Evil/Good still works for angels, demons, magical items and such.)

Allowed races are listed below.

Unearthed Arcana Ranger is not allowed, neither is Horizon Walker.

Pantheon is listed in post below.

I have the Players Handbook, Xanathars, Mordenkainens, Sword Coast Guide, and Volos. Only options from those sources are available.

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Tue 28 Jul 2020
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Character Creation Races
Allowed races:

[As Orc except substitute Stones Endurance for Aggressive, with height and weight as Goliath.]

* Rare and unusual races; may receive poor reactions.

^ Oversized or unusual sized races; clothes and armor must be custom made (does not apply to starting equipment).

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Tue 28 Jul 2020
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Character Creation Equipment
Standard starting equipment as per class and background plus an additional 300gp. Starting equipment may be traded at full value.

Each character starts with one common and one uncommon magic item, subject to GM approval. Flight power items, scrolls, and potions are off-limits. If a weapon, armor, or shield you must pay for the base mundane item. Additional Common Magic Items can be purchased at 50gp each (also subject to GM approval).

All equipment in Players Handbook is available plus:

Expedition pack 5gp 10 lbs.
Holds 5 cubic feet/100lbs.
(Standard backpack only holds 30 lbs - most starter packages won't fit in one).

The Potions and Scrolls below can be purchased with available gold.

Climbing . . . . . . . 75gp
Animal Friendship 100gp
Greater Healing . .100gp
Healing . . . . . . . . 50gp
Water Breathing . 100gp

 Cantrips . 25gp
1st Level . 75gp
2nd Level 100gp

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The Hand of Fate
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Tue 28 Jul 2020
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An, primordial sky godTempestStar
Enki, god of water and cultureForge, Knowledge  Ship
Enlil, god of wind, rain, and storm; leader of the gods   Tempest, WarLightning bolt
Ereshkigal, goddess of the underworldGraveClosed door
Inanna, goddess of love, sex, beauty, and warLife, Trickery, War  Rose
Izimud, god of travelers and messengersTrickeryCirce crossed by curved horizon line
Ki, primordial earth goddessNatureMountain peak
Nammu, primordial water goddessLifeFish or wave
Nanna, god of wisdom and the moonKnowledgeCrescent moon
Ningal, goddess of fireLightFlame
Ninhursag, goddess of earth and fertiityLife, NatureTree
Ninlil, goddess of the south wind, consort of EnlilTempestEagle
Ninurta, god of agriculture; champion of the godsNature, WarPlough
Utu, god of justice and the sunLightSun

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