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Sun 2 Aug 2020
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Door 0: Seeker (Game Background)
Welcome to Theogenesis: Godhunter!

A starlit void stretching between multiverses is your home. Once the multiverses, called World Trees, were brimming life and legend. Since the death of the First Tree, Yggdrasil, rot and madness has spread from world to world. The Harrowing took Lyone; Laerad, forever sealed by the last sane Primordial; Kookhe, torn and folded a hundred times into a tumble of fiction and rumour; and Eo, with the Gray Lady's protection long lost, overcome by Osiris-Ra.

The void is alive with Nuldraks and Dhelevanians; the Systemarchi spin webs of gammoril and Living Metal, catching and eating the little Gods that still flee; the Returned still twinkle in their star-homes, their gazes long ago and far beyond.

When Yggdrasil breathed her last, she gave birth to your kin, the Ar-Nauii, seeds of the past protected in unliving shells of shadow and seeming.

The Sidereal Raiment

A slight being known as the Tailor has made for you a suit; this formal-looking carapace appears as request it be designed, but enforces a humanoid shape on you and protects you from the entropy and madness of the Void. The Suit allows you to safely wield psychic abilities, hides your Divine signature from hostile beings, increases your strength, speed, and reflexes, and permits you to recognize and communicate with others of your kind.

During downtime after a Hunt, you can use a power called Mythcrafting to convert the souls of powerful beings into new abilities for your Suit.

The World Seed

Your heart is nothing less than the beating heart of universe that could be, should you manage to reclaim power from the dead worlds of the Trees to nourish. By recovering lesser Realm Seeds, you increase your Divine Rank. Before recovering your first Realm Seed, you will only have access to your Sacrarium - the sacred heart of the tree-to-be within you.