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Wed 5 Aug 2020
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RtJ Information
This game is going to take place using the Pathfinder 1st edition roleplaying game system. Detailed information about character creation is in the other thread. However, it is not necessary to have a fully fleshed out sheet for your character before applying. Please do have the following information:

-Basic biographical information including character name, gender, and what you are intending for alignment.
-What race and class (or classes) you intend to use. You might also include particularly important class decisions, like a sorcerer's bloodline or a cleric's deity.
-How your character ended up in Katapesh - the city proper, not just the surrounding region. You can be either a native, an immigrant, or even just someone who's just passing through and is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
-At least two personality traits or behavioral quirks that would make this character memorable to someone who met them. Do they have an unusual nervous tic? A turn of phrase that is uncommon? An accent? Even if your character is not memorable, there might be a detail of their presentation that is characteristic of them.

And on an OOC note:

-A brief description of the themes or narrative concepts that you want to explore with this character. This is a fairly unusual game premise, and I want to know why you think it is interesting or has the potential to tell a compelling story. This might be either a simple thematic note, or a projected character arc, or a component of the setting that you think might be worth exploring in some way. Just something to give me an idea of what direction you would like to take this game.