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Character Creation and Optional Rules
The game system is Pathfinder 1e. Characters start at level seven, with equipment based on the standard WBL rules. Attributes should be generated by a 20 point buy. Hit points are full at first level, and average thereafter. Crafting feats are unavailable, and if you get one from your class we can work out a replacement feat. The Leadership and Sacred Geometry feats are similarly unavailable. Any alignment is fine - there will be incentives to work with the group.

For races, you can use almost anything first party. Classes, all first party are allowed with the exception of arcanist; summoner also has to use the unchained variant. Prestige classes and multiclassing are fine. I may consider third party material on a case by case basis, if it seems essential to a character concept.

This game is using the background skills system from Pathfinder Unchained, which essentially gives two skill points per level that can only be used on skills that are not as immediately useful for what is seen as a standard adventure.

Additionally, there are a few things that merit specific mention because of the nature of the premise. First off, in terms of equipment, the premise of the game doesn't allow for a particularly typical pattern of acquiring gear. Every time the cycle resets, you reset most of your gear back to the starting equipment that you had on you when the cataclysm happened the first time. This applies to everything from consumables being available again to any wealth you gain simply not being there any longer. Items with charges available either permanently or on a time-based pattern are fully recharged at the start of each cycle, as they were when you started. (This is also why crafting is unavailable - it would not be something you could actually use during the game at all.)

That being said, I suggest you not worry excessively about whether your character will have items that they need as they progress through the game and are faced with more dangerous and demanding challenges. There will be a progression system that acts in most respects very similarly to the normal loot-and-buy pattern; it's just a little different in how it is presented. I'm also planning to be pretty generous about allowing characters to swap things out for each cycle at the start of the loop, on the basis that you will have had the opportunity to learn where you can find merchants who have the goods you need or will buy your unneeded items from you at close to full price. It might take a bit of work to make the premise work with the way that game mechanics assume increasingly powerful gear, but I think it should be doable.

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