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Setting information
The main setting of this game is the city and region of Katapesh, in the published Golarion setting. This small nation revolves around the metropolis of Katapesh, which is a coastal city in a largely desert and savannah region. It survives as a mercantile hub, where trade and commerce define everything from economic activity to society and culture to the legal system. There are very few limits on market activity - everything from poisons and drugs to slaves is seen as perfectly fair game for sale and trade. As long as it does not interfere with trade, there are very few things that are illegal. Almost everyone in the city is a part of a guild (or several), as it is extremely difficult to practice a trade without such an affiliation, and the rights of the unaffiliated are very few. The result is an aggressively cosmopolitan city where laws and regulation are extremely loose, and yet society is very structured and social norms are enforced ruthlessly.

Outside the city, in the surrounding region that shares its name, the area is a study in contrasts. There is a great deal of history in this area - the first settlement that Katapesh is now based on dates back some two and a half thousand years. There are large sections of that history that are poorly recorded and poorly understood, and the average person in Katapesh has only a cursory knowledge of their city's history. Half of what they do know is likely to be cobbled together from folklore and rumor rather than any actual research or text; often the same person knows several contradictory versions of any particular story, and has no real interest in which (if any) of them might be true. There are settlements in the area surrounding Katapesh city, but they tend to be somewhat fragile. This is a harsh land, and there are often raids on outlying settlements conducted by bandits and tribes of gnolls. The primary religion in the area is the aggressively civilized and mercantile church of Abadar, but cults of his nemesis the demon lord Lamashtu are seemingly impossible to really stamp out. Though the primary focus of the people in the region is on the city, the wilderness areas of the desert, savannah, and mountains surrounding it contain many wonders and mysteries of their own.

Katapesh, then, exists as a sort of superficial presentation of the modern, sophisticated, and urbane city, laid over a much older and less clearly understood world that seethes beneath the surface. Tensions are always high, if one bothers to look, and the mysterious beings referred to as Pactmasters who rule the city are seemingly quite happy with that state of affairs.

Now, however, something very strange is going on. After some form of cataclysm, you and several others appear to be trapped in some sort of cycle, where the days immediately leading up to the disaster play out over and over again. Other people seem completely unaware of the cycle that they are living out over and over. Additionally, there is a mysterious being who talks to you in a half-seen crowded room each time the cycle resets, who clearly understands what is going on and yet seems to have no particular interest in sharing that information.

Feel free to log additional information you find important as you discover it in game.