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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
On the 23rd day of Pharast, the world came to an end.

You remember it clearly. It was late morning, and the sun was out. It was an Oathday, the middle of the week. Katapesh was warm and business, as usual, was flowing rapidly. Everything seemed like it was going perfectly normally. Native or foreign, either way you saw nothing out of the ordinary for a Katapesh day.

You remember what happened next very sharply. There was some subtle feeling that something had gone badly wrong in a way that was not familiar or easy to explain. Perhaps a strange droning noise at the edge of hearing. Or a flicker of movement where nothing was moving. An itching feeling in your teeth. A simple gut instinct that something, somehow, was very, very wrong.

Then the world went to white, and then came pain. It was a soul-deep sort of pain, tearing and rending at your being. There was a sense of being seized in some terrible grip, a feeling of coming unwound, of being violated in some deep way. It's an acutely uncomfortable feeling, an unpleasant sort of not-correctness.

And're standing in a room of some sort. It's a grand hall, with a high vaulted ceiling that extends off into the distance. It's hard to see very far - the air is filled with a mist that after a moment resolves into ghostly half-seen forms, moving around and through you without seeming to notice your presence. You can hear whispers, echoing and overlapping, in some alien language that sounds strange and uncomfortable for reasons you cannot identify.

Everything wrenches. Suddenly you are standing alongside five solid figures, in that same vast, misty space. In front of you there is a man, or something that looks like one. He is dressed extremely finely, in silk and velvet and supple leather, and he looks subtly wrong. His body is normal, but his mannerisms are all wrong, his head hanging at a slight angle, his fingers held in front of him as though he is fascinated by their appearance.

Abruptly, he looks up at you. His eyes are pale blue like a winter sky. He smiles, or at least shows teeth; it looks like someone working off of only a description of a smile, who had never seen one. "You are arriving. That is good." His voice, too, is wrong, oddly inflected and skittering across tones in a way that voices normally do not.
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Sat 22 Aug 2020
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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
Silas collapses to the floor upon appearing in the grand hall, whimpering from the memory of the pain that had so recently wracked his body and soul. It takes him a few moments to realize that just as suddenly as the pain began, it has ceased and he shakily draws himself to his feet to examine his surroundings. Just as he does, however, he is pulled before the strange man. Seeing others around, he quickly adopts a calm, confident expression totally at odds with how he is feeling and replies to their apparent host, "Indeed we are, though I do not recall an invitation. It is considered poor manners to abduct your guests, rather than have them show up on their own, you know. Would have preferred a more painless mode of transport as well, whatever that was was almost as bad as the time I had to ride bareback all the way from Merab to Solis!" He harrumphs pompously, then continues, "Well then, out with it, what are we arriving for?"
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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
As the unsettling feeling set in, Sumta rapidly grew more agitated, the burly gnoll twitching and trying to get up against a wall. Instinct said fewer angles of approach was better. He'd never felt such a premonition before, an unreal whine like an insect but somehow so close that his senses told him it was inside him. But it didn't make sense. Aching scars, distorted vision, warping of the flesh… the Mother of Beasts had many ways of making her will known, and this didn't fit.

When the pain came, it was a relief. That at least made sense.

… Until it didn't. Sumta cast his gaze around wildly. Indoors, grand architecture, ghostly forms. That was as far from Lamashtu's presence as anything. Why was he here?

And then, infuriatingly, things changed yet again. At least he was in the same place, although his company was different. It was enough for him to catch his breath just a little. Sumta gestured a vertical line on his forehead with one claw, invoking the Mother's attention, and a diagonal line across his belly, calling upon her strength. He was still armored, still armed, but he wasn't foolish enough to think he could fight his way back.

"And just where is it we're arriving?" he demanded, shoving down his bewilderment to try to get some answers. He rounded on one of the other solid figures suddenly. "Do you know what's going on?"
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Sat 22 Aug 2020
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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
Issynia's eyes widened, being face to face with the large gnoll. "Not a bit," she insisted, taking in the measure of the other five. "I suspect that he," she nodded to the almost-humanoid figure facing them, "is the one who will give us answers. We six appear to all be riding the same camel."
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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
Appearing with the rest is a figure of beauty, clad in an elegant gown that is form fitting without being gawdy and always leaves just as much as she intends to the imagination. She is draped in a beautiful gossamer scarf that is just as much a 'weapon' as the rest of her outfit and she is adorned with a very precise amount of jewelry and accessories.

Her hair is a fiery red in a long and curly cut that frames her face in a way that it makes her smile light up a five mile radius.

That smile however falls into annoyance as she clears her vision.

"Xazuthuth what have I told you about teleporting me without my consent? And a group this size? How many times do I have to tell you that is..."

She blinks her eyes the rest of the way clear and is immediately confused, "Wait... none of you are Xaz. What is this?"

OOC: To put a frame of reference on how attractive she is, her CHA is base 18 and she has a +2 CHA item boosting it to 20.

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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
"This is the end of the world. One end of it. And you are arriving here because that is being the natural order of events." The strange man holds up his hands, which are suddenly filled with a cat's-cradle of light and shadow. He examines this for a moment, and then it vanishes and he lowers his hands. "Your world is breaking, little beings. It is breaking and it is being broken. And you are not mattering to it. Your world is forgetting you. And your world is being forgotten. And I am remembering. But not because I am caring. There is nothing to care about. You are being lost and forgotten."

His tone, erratic though it is, is emotionless as he says all of this, lacking any weight. It's impossible to see it as a threat; it's simply a statement of fact. A reality, simple and immutable. And he is impassive as he describes it.
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Prologue: The Room at the End of the World
It was hard to explain the infuriating feeling of being right abut something that was, essentially, the end of the world. Ignored like so many rambling doomsayers meant the gift of prophecy and forewarning were wasted at best. But she had been right, and that mattered, for some reason.

Marili gasps hard as she once again has lungs that need air, the sharp warmth of blood and sensation and life contrasting with what had been death and dissolution mere moments ago enough to fracture her mind a little further; had this simply been a test by the Inscrutable One?

"The Gate is the Key is the Gate!" She babbles as her thoughts come together and she shakes her head to try and collect them - remembering oblivion was harder than expected. "Swamp. no thats not it..." and finally, finally she is aware that she is not alone. There are others, vaguely familiar faces. And a strange being doing its best imitation of a humanoid being.