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Sun 9 Aug 2020
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TO START THE STORY, all players will take turns answering, in order:

1. Where are you?

--If you travel, is it in pursuit of something, or flight from something?

--On the Great Road, traveling with a caravan west, toward the Deepest Well
--In a wadi (a small canyon), hoping to remain unseen by the army marching above?
--Astride an akum (a large flightless bird, a bit larger than an ostrich), a flashing lance in one hand, singly charging the great hero of a city that quakes at the mention of your name?
--In the last place to which you fled?
--On a ship?

2. What are you doing there?

--Are you preparing, now, for a confrontation? or will you face whatever comes next with a shrug, without preparation, for life is unpredictable? Or do you not prepare because you will you aggressively face all possibilities?

3. Who else is with you?

--Others in the same caravan as yourself?
--Your enemies, who have lain in ambush for you?
--The obeisant members of the court, surrounding you upon your ill-gotten and undesired throne of the City of Ab?

When you meet one from a people yet unknown, describe what the legends tell of one such. If you come to know any of them, they will both satisfy and defy expectations.

4. What do the names of the world now present in the place where you are want from you?

A name might be a stele, ancient when the sky was the face of a child and the moon was
as bright as the sun; a fellow traveler at the caravanserai who seeks love in the arms of a companion; a cooking fire, young and brash, with a wish to grow as large as the world, or almost anything else.


--There are no random connections nor coincidences. The will of some name has brought about every seeming coincidence.

--Secrets and mysteries wish to be discovered. What name holds the secret and wants to tell it to a namedealer, perhaps when wishing to strike a bargain?

--When a companion chooses a consequence that alters the will of a name of the world, you have learned something new about the will of that name.

--The will of all names is the nature of the universe, the nature of fate... remember that it is know to be fickle, a mystery of the heart.

--When you attack a companion with word or deed, warn them that they will become harmed or shamed unless they take action.

--If an attacker is named, they may be harmed twice before expiring. (If they are not named, one harm may be enough.) If that attacker has chosen to die for the sake of victory, they may attack once more as they die.