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Sun 9 Aug 2020
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--In this game, you are either a powerful Hero, or a clever Namedealer.

--If there are two players, one of you MUST be the Hero and the other must be the Namedealer.

--If there are four players, there MUST be two of each playbook. (Four players will be the limit.)

--Heroes are physically mighty. They roll the dice to do things. They can improve their rolls by using the benefit of their Trophies or their Followers. These benefits, when used, "recharge" every morning at dawn.

--You can use more than one Trophy or Follower benefit at a time, but once the benefit is used, that's it for the day.

--Heroes start with one Trophy, and no Followers. (Companions-- other players' PCs-- don't count as Followers, even if they act like Followers.) You can get more Trophies and Followers during the course of the game, although if you get too many, you might inspire jealousy in the Great Names of the world.

--Everything has a name. Some names are secret, some are well-known. The Great Names are the powerful spirits of the world-- a wide river, a mountain, the sky, a desert.

--All beings can speak a language called The Language of Names. Only humans have forgotten it-- with the exception of Namedealers, who make it their business to study it. (However, all beings that aren't humans can speak the human language if they feel like it. They just don't bother speaking to humans very often, unless the human is an awesome Hero or something.)

--Namedealers, therefore, can talk to things that aren't people, and often they can strike deals with them, too, to get very powerful favors. (Call on them too often, though (before you complete your side of the bargain), and they'll get annoyed (or worse).)

--Both Heroes and Namedealers roll for things based on either their Body stat (physical stuff), their Mind stat (thinking stuff) or their Words stat (communication/charm/persuasion stuff).

--There are specific moves for certain specific situations, though:

----Both playbooks use "Settling Conflict With One As Powerful As You."

----the other HERO moves are:
------Coerce (persuade, intimidate)
------Lead (leadership)
------Test Yourself (show off//see if you're up to a challenge//prove yourself)
------Attempt to Gain a New Follower (just what it says)

----the other NAMEDEALER moves are:
------Offer What They Desire (bargain//haggle)
------Coerce (persuade, intimidate)
------Thieve (steal something)
------Escape (just what it says)

--If you die, make a new character. (Your old character MIGHT become a Great Name.)

So that's it. It's ancient times, the most commonly-used metal is bronze, no one except people far away use iron. You are a Hero or a Namedealer, you're destined to do Great Things, go do 'em.

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