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Sat 15 Aug 2020
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RTJ & Character Creation
Welcome, True Believers! The Marvel Multiverse contains multitudes, and this is one dimension just down the street and to the left of the 616 you know. Earth-65 is the home Spider-Gwen and some familiar names with a new spin. Just like any Marvel Universe, this one is full of colorful heroes and villains, action, drama, and epic moments of extraordinary awesomeness!

Anatomy of a Hero
PL: 10
Points: 150
Most major archetypes are fine to play, but heroes/semi-antiheroes only, please
You can create alternate versions of 616 heroes and villains here, and feel free to add some details to existing Earth-65 characters
Please come up with at least one each of: NPC, location, concept important to your hero

If you want to be a super-soldier person out of time, symbiote-sporting super, mystic being from another realm, or something even (Doctor) stranger, you can feel free to do that!

Make mine Marvel!