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Halcyon City
It's very much my intention to define as little of Halcyon City in advance as possible so it can be developed in play. That way if we need a large central park, an industrial district or a zoo then suddenly there it is and we don't have to worry about fitting it into some pre-determined idea of the city and what's there.

However, once it exists then it exists so this thread will list all the elements of the city as they are created both for posterity and in case we ever want to use them again. It will also be a useful record of other characters (be they heroes or villains) who form part of character's backstories.

Generally anything that is said about the city in the core rulebook stands in respect of the city and it's history but given that is all of about ten pages that's plenty of space to play with.

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Halcyon City
Key areas of the city are:

Downtown - Downtown Halcyon is the CBD of the city and is dominated by skyscrapers, high end retailers and painfully overpriced coffee shops. It's glass and chrome as far as the eye can see.

Docks - Warehouses, container yards, big ships, shady corners and everything you would expect from a classic 'docks' district.

Key figures in the city are:

Key organisations/business in the city are:

First Metro Bank - One of Halcyon's less sinister financial insitutions which has branches all over the city. It is most citizens first thought when it comes to personal banking though this sadly means it is most crooks first thought when deciding where to rob...

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Heroes of Halcyon City
Besides your group the famous heroes of Halcyon City are:

The Exemplars
The city's finest (or at least most powerful) superhero team. Made up of the heroes:

Legionaire - Leader of the Exemplars and the mightiest hero in the city, if not the world. The classic 'paragon' in both powerset and personality.

Rubbermaid - Long serving member of the team and often seen as their heart and soul. She has powers themed around body elasticity. She also happens to be Plasti's mentor.

Shadow - Member of the League of Wardens. Unpowered but an expert fighter and detective. Friendly but dedicated to his craft.

Mr Psypher - The elder statesman of the Exemplars. An experienced and powerful telepath and psychokinetic abilities, he has been active in Halcyon city for several decades and is now in a state of semi-retirement. He rarely takes part in active operations but serves as a communications network and expert in psychic phenomena.

Newton [Retired] - Former 'master of gravity' he lost his powers saving the day in the events which brought your team together. Only recently awoken from a coma lasting several weeks he still requires medical care. He is not expected to return to active duty in the Exemplars.

Gravitar - Newton's sidekick now currently filling in for him during his mentor's convalesence. Gravitar uses technological devices to mimic the natural abilities of gravity control Newton had though, and nobody likes to say it to Gravitar's face, they are a poor immitation.

Granite - The Exemplar's resident tank and, though it is not widely held public knowledge, Newton's lover.


Dusk - Retired member of the League of Wardens. Judgmental and critical.

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Villains of Halcyon City
The most nefarious villains of Halcyon City include:

Professor Legacy - One of Halcyon's most famous, if not successful, villains. An evil genius in the classic 'mad scientist' style he is constantly coming up with wild schemes and inventions to progress his end goal of world domination. Currently at large but very much a wanted man.

Project Atlas - A shadowy research organization whose existence is known to very few and spoken in whispers even by them. Its full power and reach is unknown.

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