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Tue 18 Aug 2020
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RTJ and Character Creation
In terms of an RTJ there's no point providing a fully completed character sheet as a lot of the information is going to be threshed out between the characters just before we start. Instead provide a rough outline of the character you would like to play; which playbook, what their powers are, personality etc. Please also provide two alternative playbooks you would be interested in going with (though without as much detail) just on the off chance some are vastly more popular than others.

I am looking for somewhat rounded characters usually with a life outside superheroing as, in Masks, what is happening in the characters personal lives is almost as important as the action side of things. For some playbooks (eg. the Outsider) the lack of this at the start is a key aspect of the character but for many others there will be something. Even the Transformed needs to be ostracized by someone!

I'm happy with any of the playbooks being used from any of the official Masks books with just a couple of exceptions. Slight preference will be given to playbooks from the core book as they are usually easier to fit into things but I won't rule out good concepts for others and I think the benefit of play by post is that we can explore multiple storylines at once if we need to.

My only exceptions are that I won't accept Joined, Nomad or Soldier playbooks either because I don't particularly like them or the concept isn't what I'm going for with this game.

I'm pretty flexible in respect of who the characters are and the details of their lives. There's a few conditions I'm applying to bear in mind:

- All characters need to be essentially heroic and willing to dive into dangerous situations because it's the right thing to do and do everything in their power to save lives and take enemies into custody. Obviously some playbooks (the Delinquent, the Reformed etc.) play with that slightly and that's fine but I'm not looking for brooding, anti-hero types who murder their way through bad guys. At the end of the day the characters are the good guys and if there's huge collateral damage or lost lives that needs to take a toll on them.

- All characters need to be broadly team players. Again some playbooks lean into, or against, that more than others but the characters need to want to be a team even if occasionally they branch out on their own or into smaller groups. What keeps some of the more 'loner' playbooks tied into the team can be threshed out when we sort out the detail of the team, origin story and all that.

- In terms of age all characters need to be young or, for the non-human ones, appearing or acting fairly young. I'm not going to mandate an age range but somewhere between 16-21 seems about right. It is a game of beginner heroes after all.

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