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Game Rules
Some general game rules:

I'm very much aiming for a fairly 'four colour' game. The good guys are good, the baddies are bad and the good guys aim to bring the villain in to see justice served and end up in a, tragically easy to escape from, prison. That doesn't stop us visiting some of the classic tropes of allies turning out to have been villains all along, tragically misguided villains doing evil for what they think are good reasons and noble souls having been blackmailed/tricked to do wrong. Just to say that generally it's not going to be ambiguous who is the bad guy.

Therefore I'm not looking for brutal anti-hero types a la The Punisher or Wolverine. We want noble characters out to do the right thing for honest reasons (for the most part, some playbooks subvert this). Now, if things happen in game which push characters towards the darkness that's different as that could be a fun avenue to explore but, to start with, let's keep it heroic!

I'm aiming to mix action with the young adult side of being a hero just as the game intends. I'll be honest and say I'm much better at the action side of things so we'll probably be about 75/25 on action to personal stuff.

I'm happy to explore most themes with characters in their own personal arcs and go where the players want to with them. However, please note that this isn't an adult game and we'll be keeping it mostly family friendly. Anything romantic progressing to 'private time' just needs to fade to black and equally anything of a particularly grisly nature like torture (though if you're going down that road what kind of heroes are you!).

I want all the characters to be part of one team but, if we have enough players (and it may be necessary if there's loads of interest), I'm happy for the characters to split up at times to explore different leads or even completely different villains/plots. There is no requirement to do this but some personal arcs may lend themselves to some solo/small group action than others - even if it's just something preliminary before the whole team gets called in for the big fight.

Posting Rate
I'd like to aim for a post rate of about every other day. Given the action packed subhect matter I fear things will stall without a fairly quick turnaround.

I'm certainly not going to be making a note of anyone who misses this frequency and understand that real life can get in the way (I have a full time job and an eleven month old - trust me, I know!) but that's what I would like to aim for.

This said I should stress that every post doesn't need to be War and Peace. This is a descriptive medium and so plenty of detail is always good as it helps us picture what is going on but sometimes a short post is fine if you're taking a fairly basic action or are doing something mostly mechanical.

If you're going to be away for a few days please let me know or drop something in the OOC thread so I'll know not to wait for you or NPC your character for a bit until you return.

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Posting Rules
With posting I'm very much of a view that this is essentially collaborative fiction so I'm all in favour of you generating bits of the game world on the fly whether that is in the immediate area (ie. you need a convenient light fixture/balcony/awning etc to do something with or you want a bystander/police officer/goon to react a certain way) or in the world more generally - so if you need Halycyon City to have some industrial docks, then it does! Need a contact in said docks to talk to about suspect shipments, you have one!

Feel free to go wild with that (within reason). If something you've done really goes against the world as I envisage it or would completely undermine some plot in the works then I can edit it and let you know. The only exceptions would be please do not assume actions/thoughts/aspects of a character for any of the other PCs and avoid doing so for any major villain (though mooks are fine).

If you're taking a move which would require a roll please go ahead and roll what you think is appropriate in the circumstances (and go ahead and make what choices - and further rolls - you need to if appropriate after that) and cover what happens in the meat of your post. Just put what you've done at the bottom of a post so I can see. If I really think you went with the wrong thing then I can always reroll and/or amend a post if it needs to be done but generally I would go with what you think anyway and this keeps things moving swiftly.

In terms of formatting posts I like speech in a colour so it stands out (though I don't mind the colour) and OOC points/game mechanics in orange at the bottom of a post so it's clear what's IC and what isn't. Beyond that I have no strong feelings really about what posts look it.