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Mon 24 Aug 2020
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RTJ Details
Okay, so timeline is the beginning of WoW Classic.

3rd level.

So you guys have any experience at all. I'm not going to start you out in Northshire, for example. You'll begin the game in Westfall, so that should feature into how you construct what backstory you have.

Farms, local guard, fishermen. Whatever. I'm obviously open to whatever Alliance race you want. No Horde anything. Filthy beasts.

Naturally, the various classes are in play. You certainly don't just have to be a warrior.  Mages, priests, paladins, druids, whatever. Obviously, if you choose to be a night elf, you need to have a reason to be in Westfall instead of near Darnassus or otherwise on Kalimdor.  But the boat routes are a thing, so it's not too difficult to envision an exchange program or somesuch.

Class/race restrictions from WoW Classic are in play.

2,700 starting gold

4d6dl, re-roll 1s, 7x, pick top 6.

Max HP and Skill Points.

More details to come.

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