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Fri 21 Aug 2020
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Y. Ship's Crew.

Salary:        Captain         Cr12,000     Andrew
Salary:        Pilot           Cr6000       Danila, Andrew
Salary:        Astrogator      Cr5000       Frederick
Salary:        Sensors/Comms   Cr5500       Khuevaengh
Salary:        Engineer        Cr4000       Carver
Salary:        Steward         Cr2000       Alyx
Salary:        Medic           Crxxxx       Khuevaengh
Salary:        Gunner          Cr1500       Tal
Salary:        Gunner          Cr1000       Gvoudzon
Salary:        Gunner          Cr1000       Smash Glee
Salary:        Marine          Crxxxx       Tal

Dual duty, 1,000Cr salary, we'll pay Tal 1,500Cr/month
           5,500Cr salary, we'll pay Khue to be Medic/Sensors/Comms

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Theodore Bickle
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Sun 30 Aug 2020
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Y. Ship's Crew.
In reply to Nerull (msg # 1):

1). The ship’s subsidy contract is owned by a blind trust based in Regina and the crew has broad discretion in selecting cargoes, destinations, and charters, provided only that basic financial and contract obligations are met.

The March Harrier has been running its assigned route in the Aramis Trace for something over five years. Under its subsidy contract, it must serve its route 70% of the time and is free to serve other worlds, take charters, or otherwise leave its subsidy route far the remainder of the time.

It has built up a credit of 80 weeks and can begin operations outside of the Aramis Trace at any time. The ship retains its responsibility to remit half of its revenues to the subsidy holder (payable at any starport type A, B, or C).

The major stumbling block to leaving the Aramis Trace (and the reason that the ship has been serving the Trace for three years) is the ship’s jump-1 drives. Unless the ship can acquire jump-2 drives (prohibitively expensive) or at least additional fuel tanks to allow two successive jumps, it is stuck on the Aramis Trace.

Annual Overhaul: The March Harrier was just turned over to the Naasirka shipyard for its annual maintenance (paid for in advance – some Cr. 101,300). Although the crew retains access to their staterooms on board the ship, everyone has moved into hotel rooms in Startown for the duration of the overhaul. The ship is supposed to be ready for operations on 013–1105.

Some Entertainment: The maintenance situation puts the crew on its annual paid vacation. A local agent is prepared to book passengers and cargo for the ship and assign them a destination based on the best cargo he can find.

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Sun 13 Sep 2020
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Y. Ship's Crew.
In reply to Theodore Bickle (msg # 2):

The Shadow Fund: The ship’s crew has sources of income which do not, strictly speaking, depend on the operation of the March Harrier. The subsidy holder does not receive 50% of the income from these operations, which must therefore be kept separate from the operating fund. This separate fund is called the shadow fund. Most often, this fund is used to purchase cargoes for speculation and to buy cargo space for them on the March Harrier (paying standard rates to the operating fund). When the goods are sold, the income is placed in the shadow fund. The shadow fund is also run on the basis of shares. At the beginning of the adventure, there are 100 shares, of which the captain has 20, the pilot 40, the engineer 10, the medic 20 and the gunner 10. The fund’s total assets are Cr. 23,660.

Any shareholder may sell shares to any crewmember and the shareholders may vote to issue new shares to anyone in return for cash placed in the fund.

Dividends can also be issued by vote. Each share currently has a theoretical value of Cr. 232.66. The shadow fund has sometimes loaned money to the operating fund.

Already a Shadow Fund for the ship.
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Wed 18 Nov 2020
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Y. Ship's Crew.
In reply to Nerull (msg # 3):

Danila contributes 500 credits to the Shadow Fund (24 160 total by now).
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
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Y. Ship's Crew.
Gentlemen, I deducted 38 000 Cr 'Salaries to the crew month 1' from the Operating budget, so please write in your private balances income according to the table in the msg #1 in this thread.

Insert please Smash Glee as a Gunner (1000) in the list.
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Sun 2 May 2021
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Y. Ship's Crew.
Gentlemen, I deducted 38 000 Cr 'Salaries to the crew month 2' from the Operating budget, so please write in your private balances income according to the table in the msg #1 in this thread.