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The age of piracy reigns.

The holy church has worked and struggled to stamp out monsters, witchcraft, and other magicks throughout Europe, with moderate success. The old mystery cults and false religions have had their day, almost entirely broken and passed away under the heel of the various inquisitions.

The rich, noble, and privileged behave as always-- and so war, too, never changes.

But increasingly, explorers setting sail to the west brought back new discoveries-- of new lands, new souls to save... and new treasures.

In the Caribbean, there are sea monsters, and curses, and new crops-- and gold. Lots of gold, and magical artifacts, mostly plundered from the remains of the mysteriously-vanished Mayan Empire that once ruled the lands now called New Spain-- and, the Incan legends say, once ruled the entire New World... 

But the treasure did little good in NEW Spain-- OLD Spain wanted it! Attempting to sail it back to Europe, however, opened up opportunities for piracy-- called "privateering" when done in the service of a country...

--England: Owns the island of Nevis, and a few others. Eager to steal the treasure coming out of New Spain.

--France: Owns the island of Guadeloupe, and a few others. Almost as interested in stealing the treasure coming out of New Spain as is England, but also is more invested in the plantations that grow crops like sugar cane and tobacco.

--Spain: Claims a lot of the Caribbean, such as Havana, on the island of Cuba, and Santo Domingo, on the island of Hispaniola.

--The Netherlands: The Dutch are less aggressive than the other countries, preferring to wield economic might rather than brute force of cannons. They own a lot of colonies in South America, and also the island of Curaçao.

--The New World: Some Spanish colonies in the New World have rebelled against Spain, and so far they're getting away with it. Their capital, in as much as they have one, is the city of St. Augustine, on the Florida coast.

--The Trading Company: Often shortened to just "The Company," this mercantile company is practically a world power unto itself. They claim the island of Saba for themselves...

--Pirates: The pirates in the Caribbean are a seventh faction of their own. Pirates have a few strongholds throughout the Caribbean, chiefly Port Royal, although another notable one is Key West, ruled by the former pirate Black Caesar.

Europeans still think that women are weak and "the lesser sex." In the Caribbean, however, women have had a chance to prove their worth. The factions of The New World and Pirates all know how powerful and dangerous female pirates can be.

As for race, it, too, is of less importance in the Caribbean. A pirate or citizen of The New World may be English, Spanish, Black, white, or Incan by birth. They may worship the god of the holy church, or they may be a Muslim former slave, or they may practice Voodoo, or they may subscribe to no religious creed at all. When you're a pirate, these things don't matter as much as they did in the Old World, and if you're not a pirate, you learn not to sneer, let alone object, if you know what's good for you. Black, white, brown, a little greenish, religious, agnostic, just incredibly creepy-- anything goes in the Caribbean...

(Basically, this is a world where magic works and there were monsters, like a typical fantasy world, except it's also a lot like the history of our world, so the church of Rome has eradicated most non-humans and magic-users. In the New World, however, those with strange bloodlines and/or those who practice strange arts can thrive. There are also monsters in the New World-- mostly sea monsters, but also some undead-- and, very rarely some other things...

Also, the Mayan Empire has left those stepped pyramids and ancient tombs everywhere, and there are a lot of magical artifacts they left behind, too.

Combine all this with the fact that Voodoo works just as well as any other magic in a fantasy world works, and you've got one freaky ocean...)

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