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Fri 28 Aug 2020
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Rules and Guidelines

1- No godmodding. If they're not your character then you cannot control their actions, thoughts, awareness, anything unless their player agrees to it.

2- Respect everyone. No making fun of or being rude to others, characters here are supposed to be kind of weird so keep an open mind.

3- Keep conflict out of public threads. If you have a problem with another player please discuss it over PMs or come to me directly.

4- Fade to black. This game is rated M so fade to black if things get hot and heated. If players would like an adult game that can be discussed, but if any player is underage this will not be changed.

5- Inactivity. If a player is inactive for a week with no notice their character(s) will be evicted from the house.

Posting Guidelines

- Please proofread before posting. I know sometimes posts can get long and being on mobile sucks but please proof read before posting. If a player is confused because of your grammar it makes it hard to not only respond but to read.

- No one liners. I dont expect posts to be super long given the nature of this game, but put some sort of effort into it.

- Thread hopping. Announce where you're going at the end of your post and where you came from at the beginning. To make obvious please either put in (brackets) or -----point---->

- Color your dialog and stick with that color to make it easier to differentiate from the rest of the post. Please no duplicates.

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