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Fri 28 Aug 2020
at 04:34
For this game most species are allowed within reason. If you want to be a fairy living in the attic go for it, but they should be more or less average size. If you want to be a troll under the deck have at it, but please no eating passing by children. Want to be a mermaid out back? Sure! But no dragging the male tenants to their death at the bottom of the pool(unless they say it's cool). Wanna be part horse, a vampire, a warlock, half wear wolf on your mom's side, or just human? Have at it! Currently players are only allowed one character.







Special abilities- (if applicable)

Quirk- (if applicable) ie a werewolf who changes into a stuffed animal or a fairy who leaves a huge trail of actual glitter.

Backstory- Remember to include why you're at the mansion, does not have to be detailed or super serious

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