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Characters creation and house rules
General Rules
1. Be nice to each other.
2. Write well.
3. Do not apply if you can't keep playing this. If an absence is necessary, inform me best as you can.
4. Give the other players a chance to keep up. Small talk is fine, but everyone should have the chance to meaningfully participate. In general, a post every other day is a good speed.
5. The basic narration tense is the past tense.

Character generation/House rules (2nd edition rules are used!)

1. You must play a human.
2. All rolls are made here, using the rpol dice roller. Indicate what you are rolling in a way that is easy to follow (e.g. "life event term 3")
3. There is no benefit to having Jack-of-all-Trades 0. If you already have Jack-of-all-Trades 1 and get it again, add 1 to any other skill of your choice. Psionic skills cannot be chosen.
4. Attributes are not rolled. Everyone gets 48 attribute dots to spend. Only one attribute of 12 is allowed at the start. No attribute can start <2. You cannot spend these dots on psi.
5. You get (up to) three rerolls during character generation. If your roll was a 2d6, you reroll both dice. You can only take one reroll per roll - if the reroll is just as bad or worse, it's just bad luck and you are stuck with it.
6. Your starting TL for equipment is 12. You can't buy stuff that is TL 13+ at all.
7. Write a background. A good background is concise and still makes sense of the dice.
8. We do not use the connections rule, nor packages. You will simply get three skill dots each at a point of your choosing (after character generation). Those must be spent on 3 different skills. It is entirely okay to keep those 3 dots in reserve until you know what you need them for.
9. Stick to the core book.

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