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Character Creation
- Level 1 Characters
- Standard Ability Score Generation
- All Official Races Allowed
- All Official Classes Allowed
- The Secrets of Magic Playtest is allowed but keep in mind community playtesting and mathing it out has revealed the Magus to be kind of underpowered and in some ways inferior to just playing a fighter with a caster archetype.
- All Official Backgrounds Allowed.
- All 3rd Party Content I created for this game is of course allowed, but also subject to change if it proves over or under powered. If you select it, you are consenting to it being changed, but of course there will be discussion of any planned changes before said changes become official.
- At 1st level you may select a free Common archetype (Juggler is an exception and may be picked and also your backstory might unlock certain uncommon ones subject to GM approval). This archetype does not follow the rule that forbids you from taking another dedication until you have two additional feats in it. You may spend class feats on this archetype as per normal, but note that at 4th level (and every even level after that) you get a bonus class feat that may only be used for this one archetype.

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House Rules

- The part of ancestry "Weapon Familiarity" feats that grant access to your ancestry's favored weapons is not needed unless you were not raised among that race. In other words, you do not need that ancestry feat to purchase your ancestry's favored weapons with your starting gold.

- Group Impression is a default function of Diplomacy. It makes no sense that you need a feat to talk to multiple people and affect their opinion of you. If you've ever talked to two people and one of them, no matter what, found themselves to be physically incapable of liking you more via the power of some unseen external force then let me know. That's terrifying. The scaling however will be kept for balance purposes. If you gain this feat via a background, instead gain the Homebrew feat Group Discussion.

Group Discussion - When using Diplomacy on a crowd you may designate a primary target for the check and the other members of the target group as secondary targets. If you can work the comments of the secondary targets into your argument (with GM discretion) you may treat each secondary target as having used the Aid action on your check but only against your primary target. If you are Master at Diplomacy it applies to all targets. These benefits do not replace any bonuses your GM might give you for a good argument. If this is a check to Make an Impression on a group, using this feat does not prevent you from improving the attitude of secondary targets.

- Charming Liar is a default function of Deception. While "Make an Impression" has many mechanical implications, I cannot support needing a feat to lie to improve someone's attitude towards you. Lying to make someone think better of you is one of the most common applications of it. You don't need a feat to do mechanically what you will be using the skill for in roleplay at least 40% of the time. It's probably fair and sensible to have that require both a Bluff and a Diplomacy, but on principle I don't agree with a common and basic function of a skill requiring another skill to work. If you gain this feat via a background, instead gain the Homebrew version.

Charming Liar - When you attempt to deceive people they tend to understand your position and not take it personally. If you fail a social Deception check in a situation you could also use Diplomacy, you may reroll the Deception as a Diplomacy check. If you succeed, the target is not deceived but it does not negatively impact negotiations. This does not yield the affects of a successful check, so you will need to continue discussion and perhaps make another check. If failing the check would have put you in mortal danger then it usually does not if you succeed on the Diplomacy check. The exact outcome is up to the GM and the efficacy of this feat is up to the lie you failed to make, how you try to defuse the failure, and the situation.

- Squeezing is no longer a Trained use of Acrobatics, but you must be trained to get higher than a normal success and cannot go through an area notably narrower than your shoulders. You do not need Acrobatics training to try and fit in a small area.


- The Volley property does not affect you unless you are in very close quarters (such as in melee range of an enemy, mounted, squeezing, or prone). Longbows are not particularly inaccurate within 40ft. Whoever wrote that has never fired a bow, seen one fired, or have any sense.

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House Rules

- A failed Treat Wounds check doesn't make a person immune to ALL Treat Wounds checks for an hour. Only those of the person that failed. While it might make some sense for balancing healing to have full immunity so that a party can't just spam attempts, spamming with this change would require multiple people have the skill anyway and that is a resource invested. Plus a failed roll to recover Hit Points should not gate progress so hard. I've had games screech to a halt because someone failed this check on literally most of the party. Also, I am a proponent of logic before balance (if you have to defy logic to balance something then that thing is badly designed). It makes sense that a wound might be beyond the person that failed or something, but it stretches logic that somehow botching first aid creates bandage repelling force fields.

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