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The Keeper
 GM, 2 posts
Mon 31 Aug 2020
at 14:15
Out Of Character Stuff.
Will be uploading some background information over the next day or two
For now any information you need for character ideas should be in Game Info and Request To Join threads.

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The Keeper
 GM, 13 posts
Fri 4 Sep 2020
at 01:35
Out Of Character Stuff.
The background information section is almost finished, took a little longer than I had imagined.

Anybody interested in playing please donít feel obliged to read all of it, feel free to skim it if
youíd rather. Some of it gives an idea of things to come, whilst some of it Iíve added purely for flavor.

The last of it should be up tomorrow, and that should paint a more vivid world for us to play in.

Anybody that has already applied please donít think that Iím not interested because you havenít been accepted yet. I simply wanted to complete the background so I could focus on helping you get your characters firmly installed into the world without distraction.

I will be accepting characters in probably tomorrow, Saturday at the latest.
The Keeper
 GM, 16 posts
Fri 4 Sep 2020
at 18:31
Out Of Character Stuff.

I've started adding players onto board.

Hello and welcome to you!!!

I think i've added you both correctly, but let me know if there is anything you cant access.
It s amazing what you forget after not doing this for awhile.

I'm still keeping the door open for anyone still wanting to apply, I know two others have shown an interest so far. So hopefully we can maybe get a crew assembled for the start of next week. Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone enjoys their stay here,
and any questions feel free to fire away!
The Keeper
 GM, 20 posts
Sat 5 Sep 2020
at 00:12
Out Of Character Stuff.

I had originally intended to use the full character creation rules within CoC 7e but thanks to a helpful suggestion I'm gonna switch over to using the Quick Start creation rules instead.

It seems a bucket load easier, and I'm all for the easy life :D
I've just posted a character creation thread for anyone that needs it, any questions as usual just fire away.

I will likely stick to using the full rule set during the game, if I come across anything that conflicts I will let you all know
Ernesto Robinson
 player, 1 post
 Detective, City PD
Sat 19 Sep 2020
at 12:44
Out Of Character Stuff.
Hello, everyone, Ernie Robinson, tarnished cop, checking in.
Ernesto Robinson
 player, 2 posts
 Detective, City PD
Tue 22 Sep 2020
at 17:29
Out Of Character Stuff.
What's going on?
The Keeper
 GM, 29 posts
Sun 4 Oct 2020
at 12:50
Out Of Character Stuff.
Please excuse my massive absence, adjusting to a new work pattern in RL took longer then I had expected.
Along with several rewrites of the introduction too ment that time kept running out on me.
But I hope you will find it worth it as I can now say that the game is finally ready to start.

Donít worry, no more unannounced long absences from me.

Now my working life is settled I have a lot more time to myself, and will be available most week nights between 10pm and 2am (BST).

For those of you who have stuck around and are still interested I am very grateful and truly respect your patience. Please feel free to start making posts as soon as your character sheet is written.

I have made private threads for those ready to start with a brief description of what came before, if you want to contribute to this before starting in the main story I will play off whatever you want to add. Or anything you feel doesnít fit let me know and we can change it.

Iíve written the introduction from a Second person perspective, due to the flow of the initial opening. But for the rest of the game it will be Third person.

I donít have a preference to writing style, how you want to write your posts is up to you whatever suits you best. However try and avoid three word posts- that gets boring really quick.

If you wish to write your own introduction instead of the general one Iíve written please feel free, just so long as you all experience the daymare and you all arrive at the task force around the same time. Anyone still in the process of creating their characters I will add them shortly afterwards.

If I havenít responded to your emails yet donít worry I am likely working on background material before I answer you.

Hope you all enjoy and sorry if I took forever

If all this hasnít already put you off and you still wanna take a walk through my Hell covered in accelerant- YoU GoT IT!!!
You have been warned
Light em upÖ.

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 player, 1 post
Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 00:15
Out Of Character Stuff.
Nice to see the game back, I am loving the intro so much, it was worth the wait :D. And I hope the rest of the crew will be back too.
Hannah Bradford
 player, 1 post
 FBI Special Agent
 Over achiever
Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 12:03
Out Of Character Stuff.
I'm here -- at least on my way, slipping ans sliding in the snow! Brrrrr!
Ernesto Robinson
 player, 3 posts
 Detective, City PD
Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 12:27
Out Of Character Stuff.
Ernie's present, getting through the background. Gotta work today.
The Keeper
 GM, 38 posts
Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 21:22
Ah Hell Yeah!!!

You all already have my massive gratitude for sticking around, would have been real lonely in here without y'all. So officially welcome to everyone!!!

@Ernesto Robinson...
Yeah, sorry about that man. You got the biggest data dump of info.

But please for everyone, the background info and personal files should be taken at your leisure. Its material for you to enjoy, foreshadowing of wicked things to come.

I'd much rather you all just rolled your sleeves up and come play in the mud.

All you really need to know is- Two years ago some loco masked psycho blew some shit up and shot a lot of people. Now he is regaled as a local Robin Hood for shining a light on the heinous crap that the city's government was up to.

That and its probably best if you skip ordering the calamari whilst your in the city...

Whilst I was writing this, Heathens by 21P came over my playlist. Funny thing is I think it kinda fits but that just might be me :D

"You'll have some weird people sitting next to you
You'll think, "How did I get here, sitting next to you?
But after all I've said, please don't forget
All my friends are heathens
Take it slow"

The Keeper
 GM, 48 posts
Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 23:37
Game Progression
Ok I need a show of hands here;

Were all here now, Brianna will hopefully be joining us after Halloween with a little luck.

I've drenched this place in enough buildup and background to sink this bitch like it was the Titanic. So its all yours now to do with as you see fit.

What type of group do you want to be?

Do you want a slow burn, gentler experience. Giving yourselves a chance to grow into your characters, get to know each other and ease off the pressure until you find your feet?

Or would you prefer to throw off the training wheels and get into it. Less direction and greater freedom, with more personal responsibility for the direction of the story from the get-go, and a quicker path into the nastiness?

I have a love for the the two roads, they each have benefits and I have planned accordingly for both. But I want to tailor my style to what you would prefer.

Majority vote gets the win.

Anyone says that they want the middle road and a mix of both will have their character be bitten on the ass by Kia. :D


Just a heads up my next post will be long. Its concerning the reason why were all here.
I'd considered dumping a little bit of info in multiple posts as I have been doing but I'm conscious of info getting missed and you guys- the stars of the show!!!! Getting buried in NPC chatter. So gonna try this, should be ready and up in an hour or so.

Two posts- First atmospheric, Second Info Dump :D

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 player, 4 posts
Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 23:54
Game Progression
I personally prefer starting with the action and exploration, I am pretty interested in what kind of horror awaits us after all the work that you have done so far to help us get to know the world that we are playing in.

P.S. Excited also to hear what it is all about, sending you the sheet later.

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Ernesto Robinson
 player, 5 posts
 Detective, City PD
Fri 9 Oct 2020
at 02:21
Game Progression
I'm a fan of stories that start in media res. Like a jump start into action, then a pull back into finding out what's going on.

So... POW!
The Keeper
 GM, 49 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2020
at 16:58
Quick Question
Need help!

not very good with the format of RPOL but if I create a thread say for group 9, is it visible to everyone or only to those in group 9?
Ernesto Robinson
 player, 7 posts
 Detective, City PD
Sun 11 Oct 2020
at 18:28
Quick Question
In reply to The Keeper (msg # 15):

A player needs to be assigned to a group in order to see the threads of that group. Group 0 is viewable by the public, not just players (and so Adult material needs to be kept out of Group 0 threads). I usually use Group 1 for all my  "All players can see this" group. I often use the lettered groups for mnemonic purposes, like Group J for The Journal or Group H for The Haunted Chapel.

Group Z is special (as I understand it) because those in Group Z can't see or post in otner threads. It's a sort of "time out" designation.
The Keeper
 GM, 51 posts
Sun 11 Oct 2020
at 19:16
Quick Question
In reply to Ernesto Robinson (msg # 16):

Nice one I've never gotten to grips with the behind the scenes details on this site, I grew up playing PBW & SC so I'm a bit of an old school gamer. Old dogs, new tricks an all that...

Great ideas that will help me a lot!

Thank you so much
 player, 10 posts
Fri 23 Oct 2020
at 20:51
Quick Question
I hope that everything is alright with you Keeper! I am missing playing this game a bit these days :D