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Background Information
GNS News 23rd October 2017

“Top story tonight…
After several weeks of protests across the city, five police officers from the Central Division have been accused of police brutality and placed on suspension, pending an investigation.
This has come about as a direct result of reports of unlawful incarceration and mistreatment within the precinct over the last year. One such report states that Marcus Hamilton, a 23 year old counter clerk was arrested on charges of possession mid-August of this year and interrogated solidly for six whole days without a break or representation. The hospital report states that he was treated for malnourishment, dehydration, and severe injuries to his whole body, one of which states the treatment of cigarette burns….”

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GNS News
GNS News 17th June 2018

“In other news…
A recent report from an independent source reveals that the incidents of homicide reported within the city limits over the last six months have risen sharply to a 17% increase.
Most of which have been young males aged between 17 and 24, with the majority being affiliated to the various street gangs that have been terrorizing the city. This could be attributed to the recent influx of the new designer drug Crimson that has been flooding our streets, the highly addictive and often fatal drug has been causing drug-related incidents to sky-rocket as of late.
Do we have a escalating drug feud brewing on the streets of our fair city?
Are our children safe with this new craze polluting our homes and schools?
Or is it something else, do we have a vigilante stalking our city perhaps?
By comparison the level of drug-related arrests over the same period has dropped by 5%.
We will be right back with…..”

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National Gazette
29th August 2018
Article from The National Gazette.

By Sam Jones.

At 6:30am yesterday morning after a six month long manhunt the notorious Butterfly Murderer has been caught. After a daring FBI/Baltimore PD raid on a small suburban home in the outskirts of Baltimore, Craig Simmons. A 42 year old bank teller was arrested and taken into custody.

The Butterfly Killer has left a bloody trail of victims on his killing spree across the mid-west. So far a total of twelve women have been attributed to the murderer, his signature MO of suffocating his victims and pinning them to walls in macabre displays- much like a butterfly collector would- have helped investigators identify his involvement. Sources reveal that a further 6 victims may also have been attributed to this serial killer.

Simmons, a husband and father of three attempted to evade capture by taking his family hostage. Luckily the FBI managed to conduct the raid without any harm befalling the children, however Simmon’s wife of 9 years has been rushed to hospital with severe lacerations to her face and neck.

FBI Special Agent Frank Gray has been the lead investigator on the manhunt since its beginning, 52, married with a daughter of his own that matched the profile of the BK’s other victims had this to say,
“This predator has been lucky up to this point. He kept his nose clean, never had even so much as a parking ticket. But through hard work, due diligence and the cooperation of both Baltimore PD and witness accounts we were able to catch the ba***rd before he did it again.
Now it’s time to find justice for the families of his victims.
And although we arrested him in Maryland, he left bodies in both Kansas, and Indiana. My report will strongly recommend that he face trial there, and maybe the parents of these kids might be able to get a little closure on it all.”

Both the states of Kansas and Indiana still carry the death-penalty….
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The Midnight Hour
Midnight Hour Talk Radio. GCT Radio 2nd September 2018

“If you’re new to town or just new to this whole radio thing you’re listening to the Midnight Hour.
I’m Selina Hart and I’m the only girl who will spend all night with you and leave first thing in the morning, cross my heart…
If you look out your windows my curious little night-owls you might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the blazing comet overhead. It supposedly only comes around once a century or so, reminds me of most of the guys I’ve dated. So be sure to make a wish before it disappears for another 100 years, and please don’t choose pics of me in my underwear on the net…. Again… That was so last year…

Lets goto the phones, line one.
Hi caller you’re through to Selina, what’s on your mind tonight?

Hi Selina.

So tell us caller what do you want to talk about?

Hi Selina.

Ookay, cat got your tongue honey?

Hi Selina.

Sorry sweetie but I don’t do reruns. Next caller your through to….”

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GNS News
GNS News. 27th September 2018

“For eleven months the disappearance of Rita Faulkner, and Robert Shawn two civil rights workers that were key leaders during the recent protests in the city has turned into a murder investigation. Both Faulkner and Shawn’s bodies have been found in the outlying forest by Patrick Neils, a retiree out walking his dog.

“Oh man, they were f**ked up! Bessie just started digging over there, I tried calling her off but the damn dog weren’t havin any of it!! Its like I tell my wife, she goddamn spoils that mutt! She treats it more like a child than we did with our own kids! She carries it every-goddamn-where, feeds it better than she feeds me!!
,,, Huh? Oh yeah, well them their bodies were ripped to pieces. Arms and legs were all poking out in wrong directions, the heads were smooshed together….. “

Both workers were well thought of in their communities. They were instrumental in leading protestors during the Police brutality charges of last year. Sources say that they had been left in a shallow grave, a bloody chainsaw was also found at the scene, more information as soon as we get it….”

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The Midnight Hour
Midnight Hour Talk Radio. GTC Radio October 19th 2018

“…. I have a treat for all the lonely souls out there tonight. An exclusive peek at the new album from Dementia X. I got pretty cozy with Johnny X the last time he was on the show, and he promised me that he’d let us in on the goods. So sit back, turn it up loud enough to drown out those frisky neighbors next door and enjoy ‘The Beast Inside’…..”

Midnight Hour Talk Radio. GTC Radio October 20th 2018

“The moon is out and everyone is in dreamland.
No one to sleep next to, pull that radio into bed and let me keep you company. That’s what I’m here for….
…. Looks like our Governor has been a bad, bad boy. Porn Queen Kelly Sands has just released a kiss and tell expose and it seems that our esteemed Governor Reynolds has quite the part in it.
According to Kelly he has a ferocious appetite for the perverse; playing dress-up, whips, chains, chips and dips. Oh and… kitchen utensils? Well to each their own I guess, we will look forward to the out of court settlement on this one, later in the year. Caller you’re on the air….”

Midnight Hour Talk Radio. GTC Radio October 24th 2018

“..This girl needs to keep the lights on, so here’s a few words from our sponsors.

Whats more American than a cheeseburger?
This cheeseburger!!!
Fully loaded with five different specialty meats
Held in the hands of All-American beauty Kelly Sands.
Listen as she licks her lips anticipating all that delicious meaty goodness!
As she lovingly caresses the unmistakable thick and crunchy, squirrel fries!!
OOOmmmm that’s so good!!
If it’s good enough for the Governor its good enough for us!!
Come and get it, only at Wyse Fries!!!”

“Welcome to all of the magic, and all of the wonder of Funderland Amusement Park!
And just imagine your gonna be right here in the middle of everything!
Our grand reopening in time for the holidays!
So come and join us, your time is gonna be truly magical!”

“GNS the only place to hear the truth!
Headlines live at 9!
With Bob MacDonald”

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GNS News
GNS News November 1st 2018

In what appears to be a brand new craze hitting our streets over the last few weeks a strange, distinctive symbol has been turning up all over. A smiling white theatrical mask crying black tears with the words “I am watching” etched underneath with an internet address and a timestamp for Midnight November 30th.

This strange logo has appeared on business cards, posters, stickers. Tagged on walls, billboards, and subway trains throughout the city, and even on the big screen at Rampart Arena during a Rogues game last week. People have started referring to it as ‘The Sentinel’ logo due to its unsettling gaze and its troubling message.

Anywhere you look outside now you will find it. It is as if it has somehow always been a part of this town, and we just never noticed before. It has even managed to creep into our homes now via social media, it has appeared on dozens of websites with no explanation as to why, or who put it there. Even the website that it directs us to only leads to a video hosting site with the same phrase “I am watching” beneath a live stream dated the 30th November.

Is it some kind of new gang announcing its arrival?

An advertising ploy by some overzealous tech company?

Or one of those new age cults that seem to be gravitating towards the city lately?

Or maybe its nothing more than some sicko’s idea of a practical joke?

Whatever the reason one thing is for sure, all eyes will be on that channel come Nov 30th!

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GNS News

GNS News 5th November 2018
A notorious Hacktivist group known as The Omega Initiative has claimed responsibility for the recent cyber-attack on NTAT last week. The internet service provider reassured its customer’s that nobody’s accounts had been compromised in any way, and that all confidential information still remained safe and secure. The Hacktivists seemed only interested in scaring the public and in leaving the now infamous ‘Sentinel’ mask symbol on their business website.

GNS News 13th November 2018
Further update on our Omega Initiative report from last week. An insider source suggests that contrary to NTAT’s official standpoint the group may have been able to access customer accounts, including- emails, pictures, and banking information. NTAT still vehemently denies that fact and state that they never made it past the company’s security barriers. The hackers have remained silent on the matter, but despite this the Sentinel mask still remains plastered to the websites home page. No reports so far of any personal information being leaked, or being used for other nefarious means by the group.

GNS News 17th November 2018
Late breaking development on the NTAT hack; police have made several arrests and are confident that those responsible have all been apprehended. Twelve individuals aging from 17 to 22 have been charged, the police have yet to release the names of the suspects they have in custody.
Well phew, looks like all of our internet history still remains safe from prying eyes.
I for one will sleep soundly tonight knowing that. Sheila over to you….

GNS News 29th November 2018
With less than 24hrs to go before the deadline NTAT customers have reported that they have been locked out of all of their devices from mobile phones, to PCs, to smart TVs, and even some car owners find themselves locked out. With the Sentinel mask icon taking over their systems completely, the date now replaced by a ticking clock underneath.
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The Sentinel.
Sentinel Video Stream. November 30th 00:00

At exactly midnight the video on the Sentinel page began streaming.

For the first few moments it was a picture of the white mask, but then slowly it started to dissolve- transitioning into a real white theatrical mask, right down to the blackened tear.

“Over the years I’ve been watching you” The voice was deeply unnerving, yet strangely compelling and had been heavily distorted through a voice synth.

“I’ve watched as you became the financial ruin of your own people.
Watched as your twisted corruption slithered its way into every facet of your own society.
Watched as you covered up the slaughter of innocents to protect your own skins.
This systematic abuse of power, day after day, week after week in a perpetual cycle of misery.
Yet you do nothing to stop it.”

The camera pulls back to show a darkened corner, the Sentinel is dressed in a baggy black hoodie with equally baggy combats. His hood is pulled down and an unruly mop of brown hair can be seen behind the mask. He appears like any ordinary man, indistinct and unrecognizable accept for the ghoulish mask.

“Most of you are sleepwalking in blissful ignorance, helpless and apathetic to what is happening.” He continues on, opening his arms out in an all-encompassing gesture.

“It dangerous to question the natural order.
It can take you to worrying, anxious places.
Ignorance can be a wonderful feast of delights.
But if you start to reason, to question - well… that can take you places that you don’t want to go!
Dark, cruel places full of dank, indistinct shapes of things that you don’t want to see!
This Reality is vile, callous, and repulsively beautiful!”

His voice as he continues talking has an almost hypnotic effect, capturing the imagination of his viewers and leading them on with each word. Until he surprisingly smacks his hands together breaking the moment.

“But I do not come to you to condemn.
I have no secret agenda, no grand plan.
Who I am is of no importance.
A mere specter in the lens,
a fly in the ointment,
a nameless soldier without a face.
I only offer a glimpse at the chaos to come.
An opportunity to break free of your blinkered existence.”

He quickly changes gear into a more upbeat rhythm, gesticulating outward toward the camera.

“Isn’t it just all so FUCKING BORING!!!
The world keeps on spinning
The rich get richer
The fat keep get fatter
The horny keep getting hornier
And each of you keep getting ground down into dust and snorted up the nose of some shit-break stock dealer!
Be a bit more imaginative for fucks sake!
If the rules are holding you back, then break them!
I will help you do just that, all I want is to level the playing field.”

He looks down at the ground and scuffs his boot against the floor letting out a deep sigh as if resigning himself to something.

“This is the beginning,
The lessons start here…”

Tilting his head back he stretches out his arms and gazes upwards, like he was being embrace in the light of angels before looking back at the camera.

“I know that sometimes to wake someone up you gotta just kick em in the face!
Consider this a wakeup call!”
He pulls up his hood over his head. “We will speak more tomorrow night.”

Under his breath he begins to whisper, the words lost behind the mask, before quickly turning on his heel and walking away. The camera pulls back to reveal the dark corner was an out of the way nook in the bustling Grand Rail Station.

The camera tracks him as he confidently walks out into the center, nimbly stepping through the remaining commuters heading home for the night. Reaching for the back of his belt he pulls a gleaming .44 revolver out, almost skipping as he briskly moves toward a uniformed officer at the gate.
“Ding, Ding, Ding All Aboard!!” He says aiming the gun at the man’s head and pulling the trigger.
The deafening crack of the pistol shot echoes out around the expansive hallway, people scream and panic as hysteria rips through the crowd. Calmly he continues along his path, randomly shooting anyone that catches his eye. Even stopping briefly to reload in the middle of it all, almost oblivious to the pandemonium he is causing. The whole while whistling a hauntingly happy tune as he goes.
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The Midnight Hour
The Midnight Hour. Radio Talk Show. 30th November 2018

   “Hello y’all! You’re up way past your bedtime aren’t you? Hope you’ve slipped into something comfortable I know I have. This is the Midnight Hour with me- Selina Hart. Your one stop shop for all things warm and sensual till the sun comes up….
… I think my heart is broken listeners….

 Johnny X of Dementia X has been found dead in some low-rate seedy hotel room.
Seems to be Johnny-boy had been really enjoying himself, living a little too much up to his own legend over the weekend.
The font of all my carnal desires died from an overdose late on Saturday night, looks like Crimson was his poison of choice- the only drug that makes detergent seem like a viable alternative.

Well, at least some good news he wasn’t alone.

It says here that he had retreated to the hotel after performing a local gig with not one, not two, but three eager groupies. I’ve gotta hand it to him, way past the 50 mile marker and still refusing to join the warm milk and slippers brigade. Went out like a rockstar Johnny!

In honor of those mouthwatering pec’s here is “Therapy for the sleep deprived”
Sleep well and sweet dreams John….

“…looks like someone left the doors of the asylum wide open tonight. Not only is there another gun-toting maniac running around the city but it also seems a group calling themselves the Children of the er…something itchy I think. Have been getting really militant in their recruiting campaign lately.

As I was strolling on my way into work some heroin-chic toddler armed with a pamphlet and wearing half her grannies wardrobe tried to bestow upon me the wonders of Jethro Tull or some such deity.
Supposedly they could offer me a fresh outlook, broader horizons, and acceptance within a warm loving family of likeminded people.

It was at that point that I had to explain to the poor thing that the 90s had ended some time ago, and that Kate Moss had just been on the phone wanting her look back.
That I was plenty fine for outlooks and horizons but if they had a surplus of coffee and Vicodin instead I could perhaps be persuaded.
And finally managed to escape the conversation with an obscure reference to Helter Skelter, and warned her never to trust short guys with beards….

Seriously listeners, if you do happen to see me out and about and positively, undeniably have an overwhelming need to shove something in my face…. better make it something I can take to the bank unless you wanna run the of risk having it torn to pieces and trampled mercilessly underfoot….

Were gonna take a short commercial break, but don’t stop thinking about me….

“…. Scent of a woman in a man’s world.

The new perfume. Allure- from Elise Sinclair.”

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The Midnight Hour
The Midnight Hour. 4th December 2018.

“… Stay safe, keep your doors locked and don’t go wandering around outside your homes. The emergency services have been swamped with calls tonight, so unless you are in immediate danger please keep the lines free until the experts have the situation handled. If you need to reach out to someone our lines are open so don’t hesitate if you need a friendly voice to sooth you through the night.
Reports of fires raging across the city tonight. The evacuation of the Downtown Precinct has been called off after the Sentinel bomb scare was confirmed to be a hoax. But just play devil’s advocate guys, if you are in the area get somewhere safe till this all blows over.
I will be here with you on the air for as long as I can, keeping you updated on what’s been happening out there. So let’s try to ignore all the crazy and together we will make it through this, I promise…..

*Sound of distant explosion over the mic*

Oh…my god… what just!?!

*Dead air for a few moments*

I..erm… *Her voice is scared, as she chokes back the shock*

It looks….um… it looks as if something just happened……
Are you sure?
*She asks somebody in the studio, as another distant explosion can be heard*

This can’t be fuckin happenin! *Whispered-shouted away from the mic*
Listeners…. it er.. it would appear as if the threat was credible.
The Police precinct in the Downtown area has been attacked. I can’t be sure, but it seems as if….
*Unintelligible murmurs*

As soon as I know more…..

*Glass smashing, threatening voices are heard*

No!... Not here, why… Why us!?!

*Sound of a scuffle over the mic, screaming and shouting curdle the blood*

Get the Fuck out of my radio station!!!

*Sound of a gunshot, then silence*

*Selina can be heard whimpering in the background, along with an unknown click-clack noise every few seconds*

*After a few minutes the sound of fumbling on the mic, and then a harsh, digitized male voice comes over the air*

Hello listeners!
*The voice hisses in a perverse sensual style, a distorted imitation of Selina’s flirtatious hosting.*

This is the Midnight Hour…. I’m afraid Miss Hart won’t be able to come to the phone right now.
Seems she’s just too busy bleeding out all over the floor at the moment

But never fear I’m right here to keep you all company instead.

Seems like our illustrious Mayor didn’t want to come out and play tonight.

I did tell you that I don’t like to be kept waiting!

It spoils my fun, and that always leaves me in a really, really bad mood.

So it seems that our lessons must continue!

First lesson Little Miss Mayor is that Spoil-Sports get punished!

Can’t hide forever Maxine…

Hide and Seek is my speciality.

7…8…9…10 Ready or not I’m coming for yer!!!”

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GNS News
GNS News. 4th December 2018

“We take you now to a press conference from Mayor Maxine Walker”

The feed switches to the steps of city hall where a number of dark suited security officers circle a podium at the foot of the steps. Lady Mayor is stood at the podium about to address the dozens of reporters surrounding her. She looks withdrawn, tired like the pressure of the last few days are beginning to tell on her, the guards surrounding her are at a heightened state of alert scanning the assembled reporters for an indication of any threat.

“In the early hours of this morning, approximately 2:15am two devices were detonated at the Central Police Precinct. Emergency services are still clearing the debris so we are unsure at this point how many casualties this horrific attack has claimed. But we can confirm that the body of late Police Chief Samuel Cage has been recovered.
Make no mistake our city is under siege. The cowardly perpetrators responsible will be brought to justice swiftly and without mercy. We are already hot their trail…..”

“Madame Mayor, please!!”
A feverish journalist disrupted her report by thrusting his microphone forward begging for attention.

“Yes.” She acknowledges the man with an impatient look.

“I just wanted to say Madame Mayor….” He reaches inside his coat pocket, the world slows down to a crawl as the security contingent around the mayor suddenly react, a split second too late.
“Don’t bother with an open casket!”

He pulls a semi-automatic from his coat and fires directly at her point blank again and again. Before the body even has a chance to hit the floor, the guards around her answer with a blaze of gunfire. The assailant is knocked from his feet as a hail of bullets impact into his body, the crowd surrounding him panic and scatter. The screen goes dark and all that can be heard are the shouts and screams of the terrified onlookers.
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GNS News
GNS News 5th December 2018

GNS- The truth of tomorrow, for you today!

“We interrupt this program to bring you the latest news headlines.
Breaking news just in- In what appears to be an orchestrated attack on our city.
Civil unrest is flooding our streets tonight as mob rule turns on the authorities. Looting and rioting have sparked off due to the message of the so-called “Sentinel”. So far nine reported deaths and several severely injured as the conflict escalates. Police response seems to be overwhelmed as mass groups of rioter’s attack squad cars, precincts even paramedics and the fire crews have come under attack.
It seems that the rampaging is being coordinated via social media, the local gangs, criminals, militias and other anti-government groups have taken up arms and responded to the call.
The streets of the city are littered with burnt out cars, ransacked small business, and tenement buildings ablaze. There appears to be no motivation behind these attacks other than to sow chaos and disorder within our streets. This footage was capture earlier this evening.
Warning, some viewers may find this recording disturbing;

A shaky phone camera shows a group of uniformed officers lined up against a street wall, surrounding them is a crowd of the rioters with the face masks of Sentinel supporters. After a few seconds one of them unleashes a barrage of bullets from a semi-auto painting the officers in blood red shades. Another walks over each of the bodies shooting them in the back of the head like he was doing nothing more than using a nail gun to fix shelves.
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
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The Sentinel.
The Sentinel's Video Feed. 6th December 2018

“You were warned!” The voice of the Sentinel.

Cuts to a handheld camera focused on the street in daylight from a vantage point high above.
St Andrews church has been cornered off, police cars and helicopters surrounding the building as a large, grey plume of smoke billows up from a gigantic crater in the front entranceway, where the doors used to be.

The camera refocuses and zooms in closer to the scene. The snow banks piled up around the church steps are spattered red with blood, and dozens of body bags are being led out from inside into waiting coroner vehicles. As the camera pans around the disaster the back end of a yellow school bus can be seen jutting out from amidst the wreckage, having been driven right through the front doors.
A few gasps go up from the gathered crowd, gawking at the horrific act. The cameraman reacts and pulls back to reveal the steeple set at an awkward angle. Police quickly rush citizens out of the way as chucks of masonry fall lose from the spire crashing into the street below.

A hand obscures the view and the camera is pulled around to focus on the mask of the Sentinel, this time instead of ivory white it has been painted over with the stars and stripes.

“Join us for tomorrows all new exciting episode!”

The screen cuts to white noise before flicking back to a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond.
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
at 00:57
GNS News
GNS News 7th December.

“Shocking photographs of talk show radio host and local celebrity Selina Hart were sent to the National Tattler yesterday by an unknown source.

The pictures were taken of Miss Hart on the floor of her radio studio shortly after a group of armed men entered the building and systematically shot everyone inside.

The disturbing images show close ups of her after being shot just below the chest, the bullet seemingly passing through her cleanly. Thankfully for the most part she seems to be unconscious, and although nobody else can be seen in the photos shadows indicate that she was surrounded by a group of at least three or four people.
Her current condition has been reported as stable but it is unclear as to whether or not she will make a full recovery. The radio station has issued an official gag order on the tabloid and has made it clear that they intend to sue for the use of the grotesque images.
Selina our thoughts go with you.”

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Sun 6 Sep 2020
at 17:23
The Sentinel.
The Sentinel Video Feed. 8th December 2018
The camera opens up on a breathtaking view of the city from high above, the moon is full and highlights the ironwork of a construction crane under its light. The camera slowly pans around capturing the tops of spires and skyscrapers before turning to show the Sentinel. He has his back to the camera looking down at the city streets far below precariously perched at the edge of the crane.

“Its almost time…”
The distorted voice whispers to itself. The wind whistling around him.
Like a ballerina he spins on the spot to face the camera. His mask now is a criss-cross mesh of fractures and breaks forming a complex web across its surface. The camera frames him dead-center as he looks directly into the lens.

“And my lessons are nearly over.”
“Before I go I wanted to offer you all a parting gift!”

In a flamboyant gesture he points with both hands off to the right hand side of the screen, the camera feed is split and shrunk to make way for another window that has opened beside it.

Several files start scrolling past the live stream at speed, a massive data dump of emails, phone records, cctv footage, bank and employee records, legislative bills, arrest reports all of it evidence indicating government wide corruption. Glimpses of fraud, embezzlement, unlawful arrests and extortion, bribery and evidence tampering all tracing back to several key players that included cops, judges, government officials the chief of police, and Mayor Walker.
“This is the hidden face of this city.” The Sentinel crosses his arms and stands firm, the high wind tugging at his clothing as a light snow falls.

“Lovingly brought to you courtesy of our friends at Omega and the oh-so secure records of NTAT.”
The information feed switches to brief snatches of what appears to be the interior of a police interrogation room. Each capture featuring a new suspect being questioned by plain clothes detectives, some of them actually being coerced violently.
“Outstanding work by the police department for capturing these desperate, wanted criminals.”

All the defendants look scared and frightened, some even with bruises and cuts, others in tears terrified out of their minds. They are all of young men and women that look nothing like the notorious hackers the media has led the public to believe.
He starts to clap his hands together, “Bravo, Bravo!”

The data feed beside him slows and changes to a street cam at night, timestamped early hours of the morning. An unmarked armored truck is parked at the side of the road in a rundown part of the city. Several uniformed men are kicking down doors and leading half-naked men and women out of their houses. Handcuffed and beaten with nightsticks they are rounded up and forced into the back of the truck. The uniformed officers have no visible insignia, and their faces are obscured by helmets and balaclavas.

“Whatever happened to those girls and boys, or the other outspoken, undesirable and anarchic elements of this wondrous city I hear you ask?”

The footage changes to another unmarked vehicle approaching the docks and a group of dazed, and bedraggled civilians being beaten and dragged from the van and led to an open haulage container. Before it is locked up tight and loaded onto a cargo ship.

“Why they each received an all-expenses-paid one way trip to far off foreign lands, given a fresh start somewhere new and exotic Whilst making the streets of our city a little safer in the process now that these unwanted dregs have been tossed away into the deep blue.”

It then begins to show internal suspect reports, protestors, activists, public speakers and other outspoken, ‘enemies of the state’ each file marked ‘T911’ in bold letters across the front.

“Well its at least one way to solve the overpopulation crisis.”

The feed changes once again and it shows the infamous police firing line that had been doing the rounds on the news, only now it switches to a security camera a block over. The footage plays out as before with the officers being executed but at the end begins to rewind.

“And I do hate taking credit for other people’s hard work!”

Going back before the original footage to before the officers were shot and zeros in on a group of police officers rounding up a bunch of local gangers. Forcing them to strip and change clothing with the uniformed officers, switching places. The voice of the mayor begins to play over the top of it, obviously stolen from a phone conversation. Whilst this is all playing out the Sentinel on the left of the screen is looking down at the crowded street below and waving.

“Do whatever it takes! We cannot allow this masked-freak to disrupt our business.
Take whatever steps you feel are necessary, I don’t care what you do!
I will feed on that little pricks heart! And have the public begging me for his head!”

The feed ends and the live stream reverts back to full screen again.

“I came to show you what you truly are beneath the surface.
What you are in the dark when you think nobody else can see you!
Rabid, and diseased. Fueled by pain and suffering and hungry for the torment of others!”

The Sentinel fishes inside his pockets and takes out a mobile phone and presses a button on the screen.

“And behind my mask…. “The usual voice distortion is gone, he speaks with a normal, non-descript accent. Calm and confident.“I am just like you.”

He removes his mask slowly, pulling it from over his face and throwing it over the side of the crane into the wind. Revealing a man in his twenties, handsome but ordinary and normal. An average boy next door, college football star look that you might pass by on the street without a second thought.

Its only when the camera focuses in close on his features that his shadowy eyes betray the hidden dark intelligence behind them. Like locking eyes with a predator, cold and remorseless, a unsettling shark-like quality.

“I lied about not having an agenda!”

He pulls his hoodie up over his head and discards that over the side too, oblivious to the raging wind cutting at his exposed skin. Every inch of his body is covered in intricate arcane tattoos and hieroglyphs, most of the symbols appeared old and ancient with no discernable pattern.

“I came to prepare you for what is happening in the shadows and what is still to come.”

A helicopter starts to hover into view as he bends down and reaches for something out of shot, the GNS logo clearly seen on the side of it. The camera remains pinned to his head and shoulders as a spotlight from the helicopter baths them in light.

“Well it looks like my audience has finally arrived.” He says with a smile indicating the helicopter.
I would like to thank my mom and dad for this opportunity, the director, producer, the dozens of corpse-extras that sated our bloodlust and made it all not so BORING! Oh and the other cast members- Chief Cage, Mayor Maxine, and of course the beautiful Selina without whom none of this would have been possible….”

Another helicopter starts spinning around the crane, this time the police have finally caught up. It turns and an armed officer can be seen in the open doorway preparing a sniper rifle, getting into position for the kill shot.
“Looks like those guys are eager for me to wrap up….”

As he straightens back up he places a thick cord around his neck. A red dot appears on the Sentinels chest from the sniper, and he just chuckles at seeing it appear.

Without even regarding the chopper the Sentinel quickly raises his revolver and shoots off a couple of shots. One can be heard ricocheting off of the metal of the chopper. The helicopter veers off sharply to get out of range.

“WOULD YOU JUST FUCKING WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH!!! IM EXPLAINING THINGS HERE!!!” He shouts at the chopper, the words only just audible over the din of the wind and the helicopters rota blades.

“GIVE IT UP ALSO FOR GARY THE CAMERA GUY, WHOS BEEN WITH ME FROM THE START.” The Sentinel shields his eyes addressing the camera again, as the spotlight starts to blind him. He can be seen leaning into the camera to listen, but the voice behind the camera is too soft to be heard on the video.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S NOT GARY!?!” The Sentinel shouts before he raises the revolver and shoots the camera guy dead. The screen goes dark as the camera falls to the metalwork beside the body. It takes a moment before it is lifted up by the Sentinel who starts nudging the dead body over the edge with his foot, “ITS BEEN FUN CAMERA DUDE!” He laughs as the camera man falls to the streets below. Bringing the camera up for a close up he smirks at the audience.


Closing his eyes he starts to chant something just too quietly to be heard over the wind, almost like he was reciting a prayer.

“I AM WATCHING!” He shouts before flinging the camera off into the sky.
The screen suddenly cuts to the local news feed…

From the perspective of a news chopper the scene high above the city plays out, as the Sentinel is seen to raise his arms out to the sides like a professional diver about to go for gold. The police sniper from the other helicopter reacquires the shot, and a second later a fine mist of blood spurts out of the Sentinels right side. The impact of the bullet knocking him backwards, and for what feels like eternity he teeters on the tips of his feet, his arms wind-milling trying to find balance before gravity finally wins the fight and he plummets from the crane.
A gut-wrenching snap can be heard even over the din of the helicopter blades as the rope is drawn taught and his body is ripped backwards by the momentum. The footage ends with a magnificent shot of the dangling corpse silhouetted against the bright moon behind it.
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Sun 6 Sep 2020
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The Sentinel.
GNS News 11th December.

Our headlines tonight;
Marshal Law declared to contain civil unrest.

The camera cuts to a military humvie patrolling the streets with a loud speaker.


“This was the scene this evening as the city was placed under martial law. A city wide curfew was issued as armed soldiers, personnel carriers, armored trucks and city-wide checkpoints rolled out into our streets. With the civil disobedience reaching critical levels unprecedented in the city’s history drastic solutions have been put in place.
The Warren district of the city has been completely locked down in hopes of containing the worst of the fighting. Police and emergency services have retreated to the downtown area, and a protective ring of security has been placed around the financial district and Upper East Side.

Residents are warned to stay inside, and not to contact emergency services unless their lives are at risk. The Governor has issued a statement this evening stating that they expect order to be restored efficiently and that the apprehension of the Sentinel sympathizers is paramount.

Rioters in the west bank, and lower Chelsea were dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets earlier this evening...

The Keeper
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Sun 6 Sep 2020
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GNS News
Comments Section Beneath GNS Marshal Law Video.

Rubber bullets my ass!!!! Those cops were using real goddamn bullets! My cousin Charlie got clipped in the shoulder, and all he were doin was tryin to get home.

Yeah, I heard that they were pulling guys off the street. Shoving bags over their heads and throwing them into one of those unmarked vans.

Bullshit! You need to stop smoking that shit dude, its messin with yer head!!!!

Un-ah no way you dick! I saw it myself, they are straight up baggin and taggin us out there!

Maybe the Sentinel had the right idea?

Are you for real?

He was a murderer and a terrorist, wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of them MI5s!

That’s feckin MS-13 you damned nut-muncher!!!

Yeah well whatever, he into some shady shit and I want nothing to do with it

That’s not true! He was here to save us, the government have been mushrooming us for years, look what happened to those two protestors last year. If you stick your neck up over the wall the government will cut it off!

Hell I think the varmints working with the goddamn government! He’s on their payroll and everything!

Go back to drinking your moonshine old timer! He was targeting cops and politicians why the hell would the government fund that!?!

Government do some crazy things! Hell they used exploding dolphins during Cuba, and trained hippos in Nam to attack the VC
Whatever man
You are all deluded only the Sentinel spoke the truth! He let all the world know with blood and fire!

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Sun 6 Sep 2020
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GNS News
GNS News 17th December 2018

Top story tonight- The new police chief for the city has been announced.

The screen cuts to a press conference in Park Central. Governor Reynolds is at the podium. The new chief of police and several other dignitaries surround them. Slightly off to the side but none the less still visible are the security detachment, all on high alert, all of them forming a wide perimeter around the officials keeping the press far back. A lasting reminder of the Sentinel’s legacy.

“I am proud to announce that I have selected assistant police-chief Annabelle Clifford as the new chief of police for the city.” The Governor smiles at the crowd and claps for the new chief.

The news anchor speaks over the footage as they all shake hands and congratulate themselves.

“And that announcement means that Annabelle Clifford will be the cities first female police chief.
She was named for the post just one week after the assassination of previous police chief Samuel Cage.
Assistant Chief Clifford was the odds on favorite to be named the interim chief, but we were not expecting until today that the decision would be made that she would be given the job permanently. But that is exactly what has happened, and she will go onto lead the department of nearly 2000 officers.
Now some people including newly elected Mayor Michael Santiago wanted to launch a national search for a new chief. But Governor Reynolds stated that he did not want to waste 6 months to a year, he said that the department desperately needed leadership immediately, and that Clifford would be a perfect fit.
She is a 31 year veteran police veteran, and is not only well respected by the troops, but has also contributed to some of the more high profile arrests over the last three decades. 

“I have to say I am extremely grateful, honored and humbled and consider it my honor to wear this uniform and badge and will dedicate myself to protecting the city.”
“Chief Clifford said accepting the position.

She also stated that she will be the driving force of the city healing itself, and will be the one responsible for cleaning the tainted image of the department. She also talked about the problems that still plague our city, and has guaranteed that she will have no mercy for the officers that have tarnished the uniform
The Governor and the new Chief are known to be long time friends.  We will bring you exclusive information on the close relationship between the two in our expose tomorrow night.

In other news the District Attorney’s office has released an official statement declaring that the evidence brought about in the Sentinel’s suicide video will not be pursued as it was obtained illegally and therefore inadmissible in court.
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Sun 6 Sep 2020
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GNS News
GNS News December 2019

“Tomorrow sees the anniversary of the harrowing events of the Sentinels rampage last year.
Already the city was award an emergency grant by the White House in an effort to rebuild the damage that was caused.
The new Central Police Plaza will be opening in a few months, with a statue dedicated to the brave officers that lost their lives during the rioting as a focus point of the central courtyard.

Governor Reynolds had this to say

“This city has a boxers spirit. No matter how hard we get knocked down we will always get back up and fight onwards!

The new Central Police Plaza will stand as a testament to that spirit, honoring the dead and injured from last year. And we as city leaders have put measures in place that will stop this from ever happening again.
I am proud to announce that an inter-department initiative will be implemented and we will be assigning a special task force solely designated to these types of investigations.
They will have the full backing of the other agencies, their neutrality will be of the upmost importance. Through the malicious lies told by the Sentinel last year fear and doubt in our city leaders has grown. This task force will be outside the ordinary chain of command, giving it an unprecedented amount of freedom to investigate corruption claims, and respond accordingly- a governing unit of watchmen to keep the city safe and expose the small element of dishonest individuals that has ruined the name of this good city.
We have invested large amounts into this initiative and expect great things to come.

Elsewhere in the city people have started celebrating the anniversary, enterprising shop owners, restaurants and bars have already started capitalizing on this. A whole host of commemorative meals and drinks will be available over the period. Whilst anything from t-shirts to authentic looking replica masks and other accessories will be available depicting the sinister mask of the terrorist.
Several dummies made to look like the Sentinel have already been seen throughout the city on display hanging from street lights and bridges in a macabre display of remembrance of the now highly regarded local legend.

Switches to an on the spot reporter interviewing a local teenager.

“What do you think of the Sentinal now looking back?”

“Ah man, he was like erm.. like a superhero or some s*(t! He got rid of all those corrupted suits in power. He’s my hero, that dude was like modern day Robin Hood!!”

GNS News February 2020

“… In further news Biocentric Labs has just released details of the new, energy-efficient steam powered engine for their latest prototype super car.
The engineering & development team, led by Dr. William Harmon hopes to eradicate our reliance on fossil fuels, with this revolutionary environmentally friendly engine. Insanely powerful the engine is based on a 710HP, twin turbo V8 design and expected to reach speeds in excess of 200mph.
Production is expected to begin within the next few months.
Well that is certainly set to blow the cobwebs away huh Jane?”

GNS News August 2020

“…In a surprising move city council recent cost-cuts to the city’s police budget has been approved, this will result in several officers losing their jobs from mounted patrol, navigation team, harbor patrol, public affairs and SWAT team. It accounts to a loss of over 100 officers, 7% of the city’s total police department. Resulting in a saving of over $2.9 million
Also cuts to training and improvement programs will also be affected under the new bill.