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The Daimyo
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Tue 1 Sep 2020
at 01:55
Game Overview
Welcome to the exotic lands of Kara Tur!

My goal for this game is to keep it simple, keep it old-school, keep it moving, and have fun.  We'll be using the original Oriental Adventures rules set, issued in 1985, along with some stuff from the Kara-Tur box set. I don't have any of the 2e splat books, but if there's something specific you would like to use from one of those, I'm open to discussing it.

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The Daimyo
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
at 03:25
Game Overview
This game will be for three players. You decide where we go, who you want to be, and what you want to do.

Barbarians on the steppes? Let’s do some Genghis Khan-style cavalry raiding.

Samurai serving their daimyo in Kozakura? Great, let’s do some courtly intrigue and fight some weird spirits.

Yakuza warring with a rival clan? Let’s do some oriental Sons of Anarchy gang warfare.

Monks seeking to wander the land and do good deeds? Let’s head to Shou Lung and fight on behalf of the oppressed.

How about a ragtag bushi and his wu-jen drinking buddies just want to wander around the city getting in fights? Awesome, let’s do it and see how much trouble you can get into.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea. Let’s pretend we’re sitting around a table at your buddy’s house in 1987, roll up some characters, and see where our imagination takes us. I’m committed as a DM to saying, “Yes, and” instead of “Yes, but” so I hope you’ll join me in some collaborative fun.