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The Daimyo
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Wed 2 Sep 2020
at 03:34
Character Creation
1. Roll 4d6, dropping the lowest die, six times.
2. Arrange as desired.
3. (Optional) Roll 3d6 for comeliness, adjust according to chart on p. 10.
4. Apply any racial bonuses and penalties to your ability scores.
5. (Optional) Roll 2d10 to determine Birth Rank, including any modifiers, as described on p. 31.
6. If you completed step 5, roll on the Ancestry and Birthright tables, as indicated by the Birth Rank roll.
7. Calculate Family and Character Honor based on the table on p. 35, plus any modifiers from your Birth Rank, Ancestry, and Birthrights.
8. Roll for initial character funds using table on p. 38.

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The Daimyo
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
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Character Creation
If thereís a particular class/race/character that you want to play and your rolls donít qualify for, let me know and we can discuss.