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(Some of) The Lands of Kara-Tur
Shou Lung
The great Empire of Shou Lung is the largest of the many lands that make up Kara-Tur. It is a place of learning, culture and government, with a proud history that chronicles nearly three thousand years, spanning the rise and fall of eight great Dynasties and over seventy Emperors. With its extensive history and stable governance, the Empire exerts a mighty influence over its neighbors. It is said that when the Emperor stamps his foot in the Capital, the earth shakes in Koryo; such is his power. Shou Lung is also a land of many complexities; a land wise in the ways of the world and its sophistications.

The Shou love to fight. But unlike the combats of Wa or Kozakura, which are usually to the death, the Shou prefer to beat their enemies senseless using the one skill they excel in above all others; the fighting style of unarmed combat, or kung fu.

There are two religions in the land of Shou Lung; the Path of Enlightenment, and the Way. In addition, there is a “faith” of custom; a philosophy of the Nine Travelers, which, through the years, has become the guiding principle behind the mandarinate scholars.

The Plain of Horses

With its brutal climate and bleak terrain, the Plain of Horses is hostile to human settlement and resistant to civilization.
Several strong tribes control substantial regions of the country. The tribes constantly wage war against each other, and cooperation is virtually unknown.

The people of the Plain of Horses are barbarians who live by their wits and natural instinct. They are proud, defiant, and resist change of any kind. They are fearful and hostile toward strangers. Though they respect the supernatural, they hate magic and those who use it.

No country has had a more profound influence on the Plain of Horses than Shou Lung. As the nations share a common border, the tribes of the Plain of Horses see Shou Lung as their biggest foreign threat. Likewise, Shou Lung sees the natives of the Plain of Horses as hostile barbarians who must be carefully watched and, if possible, controlled. Trade has flour- ished sporadically between the two nations, as have eras of violent warfare. An uneasy truce exists between them presently, although a border skirmish or an outright invasion of either side could occur at any time.

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