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Sat 5 Sep 2020
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Character Details
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Wed 23 Sep 2020
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Character Details
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Pentak looks not a bit like a scholarly wizard, but more like a rugged traveler. Judging by his well worn cloak and practical attire, he is often on the road. His head is bald, his skin pale, and his eyes a muted brown. He has a stern visage that suggests an austere personality. He carries a backpack and a torch, and has a pouch and a dagger on his belt.
Sister Tanique
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Wed 23 Sep 2020
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Character Details
Beautiful and regal, like a princess out of a fairy tale, Tanique looked like she would melt like spun sugar if it so much as rained.  But the tall blonde had more mettle than most gave her credit for.  Her long blonde hair was well cared for, and her sky blue eyes sparkled with joy at living life.  Her armor was also as well cleaned and polished as it showed off her curvy body, and her sword and shield could double as a mirror.

 Tanique was born to a family of minor nobility, somewhat pampered and doted upon, until her family was caught in a minor riot amongst the dockworkers and the ship wrights, while the family was returning from weekly worship, where they had done their obligated and minimal worship and donations.
 While her parents and servants cowered in the carriage, praying for the "riff raff" to go away, Tanique was moved by passion of the uprising, and wished she could help.
 She looked at her beloved parents in a new light back home, losing most of her respect for them, and prayed to their family deity ( the first time she'd actually done so) for guidance.
 A vision of herself in shining armor, wielding a fiery sword, came to her, and she left the gilded cage of her mansion to volunteer at the temple the very next day
 Tanique is a beautiful and passionate woman, but still occasionally naïve about the world around her, but eager to learn, and not afraid to do what needs to be done to prove herself

Tanique tries to be a good representative for her faith, strong in combat and powerful in magic.  She feels on occasion like a child lost in a dark forest, but is determined to be the light the world needs.

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