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Game Information and Request to Join

This game is set in New York City, New York State, the United States of America. It is set during the present day with very few if any alterations to real world history.

We will be using the depiction of New York City found in the Urban Shadows: Dark Streets supplement. Owning this book is not required. It will unfold for your character as they explore.

Tone & Intent

We will be using a Mature tone. Violence, sexuality, and other mature things are welcome here. Players are encouraged to follow their characters' instincts.
Adult stuff will be depicted in a sort of 'drawing the curtain' way. As it becomes obvious which way things are trending, there will be a textual fade-to-black, followed by the next non-adult event in the scene.


Kelly and Stanley have spent a busy evening creating an arcane ritual. They have enchanted a grenade that they intend to use to kill a prominent demon union boss tomorrow.

"Thanks for this. I guess we're even, now," says Stanley. He is panting and out of breath after working hard. He has taken off his blacksmith's apron, revealing his sweaty muscles.

"I'm always glad to help you," says Kelly. "I wouldn't have incurred that debt if I didn't know it would be in the hands of someone responsible." Kelly begins to rub her leathery wings, trying to get the stiffness out of them.

"Let me help with that," says Stanley. He eases behind her and begins to rub her back. She sighs in pleasure and relief.

"Do I have your consent?" he murmured in her ear.

"Enthusiastic consent," she replies throatily, before turning and kissing him.

The next morning...

Statement of Shared Humanity

In this game, we intend to include all Races, genders, orientations, Creeds, and everything else you have with equal respect.
There may be characters who are racist, homophobic, sexist, Etc. However, this game will not directly allow them to speak in such a way.

The Klu Klux Klan member made an offensive gesture and said something racially insensitive.

This game makes use of the X card. If it anytime a player feels uncomfortable with the subject matter or the manner in which it is depicted, they need only in for me, either in public or in private, and I will correct the matter.

I am certain that the players will join this game do not intend to be hurtful to others. If you do say something accidentally, we will offer non-judgmental correction so that we can all move forward and have fun together.

Request to Join

All playbooks/archetypes from the core Urban Shadows book and from Dark Streets will be permitted.

I will be trying to create a party that has an even mix of Factions. Only one of each Archetype will be permitted.

In your RtJ, please list your preferred playbooks from most desired to least.

1) Most Desired
2) Less preferred
3) Least desired

You may list more than three if you like. If you have no preferences, please tell me that. We will see what other players want and you can choose from what is left.

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