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MC: Master of Ceremonies
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 00:18
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
This will be our out of character thread. In the game that we inherited our characters from, we had already established our relationships. Please first of all use this thread to State what connections you have with the other characters.
Jake Montello
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 00:58
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)

-Youíre protecting someone from a dark power. They owe you 2 Debts.

'Talon' aka-Kian Fraser is having trouble with the criminal element which may have demonic sponsorship of unfamiliar demon lord. This patron is wary of Jake's Patron, so he has the human criminals steer clear when Jake is around Kian's gigs.

-Someone is trying to save you and keeps suffering for it.

You owe them 2 Debts.
Danielle Grimm tried to reconnected me with my dead wife, but suffered some ill effect Jake suspects his own Patron is responsible for. However, Danielle never speaks of it around Jake, or communicates in any way. Jake feels guilty for her suffering this on his behalf.

-You have a demon patron who holds the contract for your soul.
You owe them 3 Debts.

Known only as 'Hell's Inquisitor', this demon has a dark shape of someone always covered in the shadows, so no details can be made about their appearance. Their main purpose is to keep demons loyal to hell,  and often sends Jake to deliver messages, threats, or to collect renegades and bring them back to the portal to the underworld. They can be brought back alive or dead...

-Xavier tried to summon a ghost and missed the mark a little, He accidentally summoned a demon. Due to the weird summoning ritual used the demon couldnít be banished the normal way so he went to Jake for help, who proceeded to destroy the creature and bring it back to the hellportal. Xavier owes me a debt.

-Nora Doe, the fae, <gm edit> had something to do with setting someone up. Jake were supposed to get a demon in question at my Patron's command. However, I was also commanded to warn said demon about the Fae's presence, thus allowing them to escape. As a result, the fae suffered the wrath of their own leaders. Now I owe them 2 debts, even though I never wished to betray anyone.

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Danielle Grimm
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 01:32
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
Hi new MC! Thanks again for picking up this game. As for Debts...

  • Someone, or someone's progenitor, was involved in your death. They owe you a Debt.

Twenty years ago, Danielle was planning on skipping town, and asked her uncle Brendan to drive her to the airport so she didn't have to deal with NYC public transport. However, they never arrived at their destination, as a sudden and violent traffic accident took Danielle's life and nearly crippled Brendan.

  • Someone is watching out for a family member of yours. You owe them 2 Debts.

Currently open! (Was owned by Kian "Talon") Danielle's parents have since moved away from the city, but there's still a hot-headed uncle who Danielle would like to keep tabs on...

  • You are haunting someone and they know it. You owe them a Debt.

Danielle could tell that Nora wasn't exactly from this world, and spent a bit of time snooping around her apartment/house before being caught. Danielle has since apologized, but sometimes she'll still sneak in to use Nora's computer, or read some of her books.

Other Debts

While Danielle was around, Nora persuaded her to "unlawfully borrow" an object from a rival Fae. What exactly Danielle pilfered is up to Nora and the MC, but Nora owes Danielle a Debt for putting herself at risk.

As mentioned previously, Danielle did try her best to help Jake reconnect with his late wife. However, Jake's patron must have gotten inside Danielle's head somehow, as she finds herself strangely silent when Jake asks her about it. Jake owes Danielle two Debts.
Xavier Marsh
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 02:22
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
Hey all!
Iíll post my info down below. Iím not sure if everyone is coming over, and I think I have Kian on my sheet for something so Iíll have to remove that.

Xavier Marsh
Look: Male; Black; Comfortable clothing
Demeanor: Ominous


Who am I?
I'm a wizard problem solver.  People around the neighborhood know me and find me and ask for help.  And I try to come through.
What keeps you up at night?
Knowing things are hurting people that don't know about them.  Power imbalance.
What have you sacrificed for your power?
I've given up my past.
What do you need desperately?
A good night's sleep.
Nice Apartment, crapy car, cell phone
Ring of Solomon (1 additional hold)
Ancient Relics, Mystical Prison, Focus Circle, Apothecary
Contains volatile substances, location is known by many
Weapon: 9mm Glock (2harm, close, loud)

WhoWhatWhyDebts I oweDebts owed to me
BBSomeone is helping to keep my demons at bayHe helped kill it.1 
NoraSomeone is your go-to when you get into troubleShe likes to blow stuff up and I like it too2 
TalonI help someone keep a dangerous secretProvide alibi and tincture for Talon to fit in 1

Wizard Moves

 Channeling: When you channel and collect your magics, roll with Spirit.
On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 3 and choose 1 from the list below. On a
miss, hold 1, but you cannot channel again this scene.
ē Take -1 ongoing until you rest
ē Suffer 1-harm (ap)
ē Mark corruption
Your hold lasts until you spend it. You can spend it to cast any spell you
have as per the spellís details.

 Sanctum Sanctorum: When you go to your sanctum for a spell ingredient,
relic, or tome, roll with Spirit. On a 10+, youíve got pretty much just
the thing. On a 7-9, youíve got something close, but itís flawed or lacking
in some significant way. On a miss, you donít have what youíre looking for,
but you know someone who probably has it in stock.

Teleport: Spend 1 hold to teleport yourself a short distance within a scene
youíre in.
Elementalism: You conjure the elements to strike out at your enemies.
Spend 1 hold to use unleash an attack with your magic as a weapon
(3-harm close or 2-harm close area).
Tracking: Spend 1 hold to learn the location of someone. You must have
a personal object that belongs to the target or recent leavings of their
body (a lock of hair, fingernail clippings, their blood, etc.).

Wizard Corruption Move
When you strike a deal with someone dark and powerful, mark corruption.
Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacyóphysical or emotionalówith another
person, decide whether you care about them or not. If you donít, they go
about their business as normal. If you do, they take -1 ongoing to escape
until they get some intimacy somewhere else.
End Move
When you die, you may place a devastating curse on someone nearby. Specify
the effects of the curse and how they may end it.

The Dark Arts: When you unleash an attack with magic or psychic
energies, mark corruption to roll with Spirit instead of Blood for the rest of the scene.
Upon a Pale Horse: Mark corruption and speak the true name of an NPC
in the scene to inflict 3-harm (ap) on them.
Black Magic: Mark corruption to ignore a requirement set by the MC
when using your sanctum.
Warding: Mark corruption to create a magical ward the size of a small
room. The ward lasts for a month and a day or until you release it.
Xavier Marsh
 The Wizard, 2 posts
Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 11:19
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
Iíll move all of this over to the Character sheet.

Danielle, Iím glad to see you made it to the new game.
Nora Doe
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 13:58
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
Hey! Will be updating stuff this afternoon. Spoons are... tricky right now.
I'm super glad folks made it over here! And I hadn't noticed until now that I'm gonna be haunted by Danielle, which amuses me to no end.
MC: Master of Ceremonies
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 14:07
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
I'm going to include Kian/Talon as an NPC that you can call on if you want to. Still a vampire, still a musician.

This game will initially be set in the Bronx. You can go other places, but your apartments and your jobs will be in the Bronx.

In addition to doing odd jobs for the powers-that-be, what is your daily occupation? I think everyone has a sort of side-hustle that occupies their waking hours.
Nora Doe
 The Fae, 2 posts
Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 14:33
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
Nora deals hallucinogens and various black market goods, as well as rare imported foods. No weapons unless she -really- trusts the client.
Jake Montello
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 Trapped by evil...
 ...human and otherwise.
Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 14:57
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
In reply to MC: Master of Ceremonies (msg # 8):

I would figure I have a job as a skip tracer/bounty hunter because it allows me to do my real job-demonic bounty hunter-much easier. All set up by my patron of course.
Nora Doe
 The Fae, 3 posts
Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 16:36
To Light a Candle (Out of Character)
Oh, also, I think Nora at times has sold 'fairy protection charms' which are completely useless, but lull suckers into a false sense of security, which is exploitable. She only does this to complete tossers she doesn't like.