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Thu 17 Sep 2020
at 12:39
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Welcome everyone!

As already mentioned in the 'Players Wanted' forum, this game here will be a bit different than most. Seeing as many players (or GMs for that matter) don't often get the opportunity to play at higher levels, I'd like to offer a game to do just that. In more detail, this means that we will be playing through a series of very short adventures, which will not have any connection with each other and are more designed to experience various different environments and obstacles than forming an overarching plot. We will start at level 12 and then go higher and higher from there on out until we finally reach the capstone of level 20th!

I envision this game as an opportunity for players to experiment and try out different character concepts. So you could start out with one concept for the first adventure, then either continue with this character should you be satisfied with the experience so far, or come up with a new concept for level 15 and another one for the level 17 adventure, etc. This will be a decision I'll leave up to you. In lieu of this fact, the individual adventures will be rather difficult (mostly because of the new houserules), as character death isn't that big of a deal in a game like this.

Due this special take on a 'campaign', we won't concern ourselves overly much with a particular setting or a fixed world, using a generic backdrop for the adventures where pretty much any concept can fit into (see the Character Creation thread).

In contrast to my other games, I won't have that much in the way of requirements to join; except for a couple of points you can see below.

  • If you want to join this game, first of all be aware that it will contain mature material (though no adult content!). Be sure you are comfortable with this.

  • Despite this game not being a long campaign, I still require a post from each player at least once every 48 hours (shortened to 24 hours during combat if possible), so please only apply if you are confident in being able to post regularly. Posts on the weekend are certainly fine, but not expected.

  • State your previous experience with D&D and Pathfinder, regardless of edition. Having a decent amount of experience with high level D&D 5th is helpful, but not necessarily required. Be aware, though, that I will have not much time in helping you to either create your character, or answer a ton of questions that you might have due to being completely new to playing such a character. Either try and figure it out on your own, or ask your fellow players for assistance in such cases.

  • Make sure to have read the Character Creation and Houserule threads before applying! A few details of my game might be not to your liking.

  • Please send me a private message in which you address some of the points listed here and what you would like to get out of this game. Do you prefer to just give the first adventure a try, then leave to maybe greener pastures, or are you interested in staying for a while and experience a longer jaunt at higher levels? Are you more of a roleplayer who would enjoy the particular challenges of dealing with mortal kings, powerful extraplanar creatures and even the gods themselves, or are you more the rollplayer type, who wants to throw a character into the unique danger of confronting ancient dragons, vile liches and archdevils? If you can, list me some of the concepts you are eager to try out, or simple one specific character you already have in mind.
    I should stress that being only interested in one of the two player types listed above won't be meshing well with my style of running games here on rpol. Pretty much all adventures will feature both social interaction, exploration, investigation and combat in one form or another, and I want players who enjoy all aspects of this (even if not necessarily in equal measure)!

  • A good grasp of the English language and quality posts are required, please refrain from posting too many one-liners or boring descriptions in combat situations.

  • Other than that, please treat your fellow players with respect. We don’t need any drama in the OOC thread, so if you have a problem with me or another player, let me know with a PM. And most of all, have fun!

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Fri 25 Sep 2020
at 13:31
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I will give it a couple of days for interested players to stop by and send me their submission. Also, I do not plan to answer each individual RTJ this time around, so please don't think I haven't read your application or that you are already out due to the lack of a response. In the end everyone will get a reply from me, may it be positive or negative, so I request a bit of patience before you decide to move on. Thanks!
GM, 8 posts
Mon 28 Sep 2020
at 08:07
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As expected I got a lot of submissions over the weekend. Will go through them today and may start sending invites out already!
GM, 12 posts
Mon 28 Sep 2020
at 11:59
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Due to the number on interested players and the short adventure format of this game, I've decided to run two groups instead of only one, offering more people the opportunity to take part. Despite this fact, I'm afraid there are still a lot of submissions that I have to decline.

The first adventure will remain the same for both groups, but I'll most likely run different modules for all subsequent ones.

Invites and rejections are going out now.
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