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House Rules.

Posted by AenarionFor group 0
GM, 5 posts
Wed 23 Sep 2020
at 13:28
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House Rules

Please be aware of the following new rules and changes of existing ones:

  • Flanking during combat will only provide a +2 bonus to attack rolls instead of advantage.

  • Damage rolls of critical attacks will at least deal damage equal to the maximum possible result of a normal hit (e.g. an attack that deals 1d8+5 damage will deal 2d8+5 damage on a crit, with a minimum result of a 13).

  • Failed death saving throws will persist throughout the day. After each long rest one failed death save will be removed.

  • If your character falls unconscious (0 HP) during an encounter, they can only be brought back above this threshold once. If the PC gets knocked out for a second time during the same battle, they remain this way until they either perish due to a 3rd failed death save, or after a short rest is over. Even then they suffer one level of exhaustion from this ordeal. The only way to circumvent this scenario is a natural 20 on a death saving throw.

  • We will use attunement for magic items, but there will be no maximum number of attuned items you can have active at the same time.

  • PCs automatically succeed on basic ability checks as long as the DC is equal to or less than their ability score for this check (e.g. a PC with a strength of 18 will always be able to kick down a wooden door, an athletics sill check with a DC that is usually between 12 and 15).

  • Potions can be used with a bonus action as long as your PC has them available and within easy reach (on a belt, for example, not in the backpack). Administering a potion to someone else costs your main action.

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GM, 9 posts
Mon 28 Sep 2020
at 08:26
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House Rules

After reading some of the submissions and some consideration, I've decided to remove one entry from the list above. Having a negative consequence from rolling a natural 1 on attack rolls was designed to make combat a bit more exciting, but introducing additional reactions is not the best idea for a pbp game.
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