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Tue 15 Sep 2020
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RTJ - Please Read.
This is a bit of an experiment, but I think it could be a lot of fun, and something different from the typical Exalted game. So before you can check out the character gen house rules and more of the setting info, there's a few things to go over form your RTJ.

  1)I will be accepting up to 7 players. They do not have to be of any particular splat, some maybe requiring a bit more detailing than others, but I'm generally open. I'm not planning anything around Alchemicals, but if a good reason for one to be in Creation can be given, I'm willing to work with the idea.

 2) You must be willing to work with the group as a whole, not just "I am Solar, see me SHINE AND EXCEL" or "Rawr, Lunar, watch me Manipulate the group into giant clusterfucks", etc etc.

  3)The over plot is semi-independant of the players. Meaning what you do affects everything, but ignoring the main plot for to long and that will have consequences. Some good, but most are dire if ignored.

For your RTJ, you will need to give:

  1) Character Name, Exalt type, and Caste or aspect.

  2) Basic overview of your character and their motivation.

  3) What you need from your story. I know this sounds a bit silly, but there are needs and wants in a concept. In essence, what you want from this game? Do you want to be the next Kal Bax, Merela, or Leviathian? Do you want to explore Meru and rebuild the capitol of the Exalted? Do you want to defeat the big bad and prevent the Third Age from becoming Darker? Or do you want to BECOME that big bad, and drive the Third Age into further Darkness?

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