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Lord Ethereal
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Thu 17 Sep 2020
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Regimental Details
The human inhabitants of several of the Imperial worlds taken during the third expansion were relocated to the interior of the Tau Empire to shield them from Imperial retribution and to ensure a smoother transition.

Your parents or maybe your grand parents were relocated to the Tau world of Dal'yth. While several Astra Militarum and PDF regiments from the original worlds taken by the Tau have served as Auxiliaries to the Tau military yours is the first to be raised from the relocated populations on Dal'yth. How will your fresh new regiment fare when thrown against the might of the Imperium of Man?

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Lord Ethereal
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Thu 17 Sep 2020
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Regimental Details
Tau World (WIP)
Cost: 1 point
Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to Willpower and +3 to any one other Characteristic
Skills: All Imperial world characters start with Common Lore (Tau Empire), Common Lore (Greater Good), Linguistics (Tau) and Linguistics (Low Gothic).
Blessed Ignorance: Imperial citizens know that the proper ways of living are those tried and tested by the generations that have gone before. Horror, pain, and death are the just rewards of curiosity, for those that look too deeply into the mysteries of the universe are all too likely to find malefic beings looking back at them. Their wise blindness imposes a 5 penalty on all Forbidden Lore (Int) Tests.
Kill the Mutant: The general citizens of the Imperium are trained from birth to fear mutation, for it heralds the taint of Chaos. All Imperial world characters start with Hatred (Mutants).

Starting Wounds: Imperial world characters generate their starting wounds normally.