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Mechanics/Character Creation
The Basics:

Dice rolls, if one is called for, is handled relatively simply. The character in question rolls a number of dice equal to the number of points within a trait, taking the highest dice as the result. At no point will there be a difficulty number to meet or beat, rather the results of the dice determine how well the character is doing at the task in question. Most of the time, failure means you simply failed at the task, the results of which are self explanatory. In combat, a failure generally means the opponent or enemy "succeeds", thereby gaining the upper hand or injuring the character, as appropriate. When using traits that a character has no points in, roll 2 dice and take the lower roll.

1-3: Failure/Complication
4-5: Success with difficulty
6: Success
Double 6: Great Success

Magic/Technology work in opposition of each other, and when used in close proximity have a chance to fail. This is represented by a simple d100 roll, determining whether a spell or piece of equipment fails. Any spell or tech used is assigned a complexity/power level, to determine its chance of failure. The higher the level, the greater the chance of failure. At present there are only 3 levels(simple/intermediate/advanced), though this may change with input from players or as the needs of the game demand. Most failures result in nothing more than the effect desired not happening(spells fizzle and tech jams), but something of sufficient power or complexity can fail with spectacular and devastating results.

Simple: 10-15%
Intermediate: 30-40%
Advanced: 60-70%

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Mechanics/Character Creation
Traits: There are eight traits in total, covering general abilities and skills.

Physical Traits:
Strength- Physical strength and endurance
Finesse- Dexterity and overall coordination

Social Traits:
Coercion- Threats or other forms of intimidation
Persuasion- Passive or peaceful techniques

Investigative Traits:
Perception- Observing the inanimate world
Insight- Understanding motives and emotions

Special Traits:
Attune- One's magical aptitude and control
Tinker- One's technical aptitude and skill

Special Abilities: The more specific abilities available to a character. This will, more often than not, be mainly occupied by ones school of Magic/Technology. The more "points" put into an ability, the more skilled a character is in that school or scientific branch. These levels of ability determine the total power a character can wield(if magical) or the complexity of devices that a character can create(if scientific). For these branches, they can gain a total of five mastery levels, gradually getting more expensive to purchase as a character gets closer to mastery.

Anything else that can be justified as a "special ability" can also be purchased under this category, covering basically anything that could be considered exceptional.
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Mechanics/Character Creation
The Creation of Character: All characters will use the following rules, barring a few exceptions that will be handled a bit differently.

8 Trait Points to spend as you see fit among the 8 traits. All traits start at 0, reflecting only that a character has no particular training or exceptional skill within the trait. No trait at creation may go above 2.

2 Special Points to be spent as you see fit. You may place both within the same ability/branch of magic or science to reflect more focused study, or one in two different fields. If you have an idea for a more specific ability that would not fit into either category, feel free to bring it up to me, and I'll happily work with you to work something out that makes sense.