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Mission Control
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Tue 29 Sep 2020
at 00:23
Rules (Please read)
1: This is a game. Everyone is here for their enjoyment. In the words of two great men "be excellent to one another". There is absolutely zero tollerance on griefing other players, flaming or intollerance.

2: No metagaming. No godmodding. The usual, you know it. Don't do it.

3: Keep any issues or meta out of the game, either settle things privately or let them go completely, it keeps a nice flow going.

4: Everyone has limits. If you're not sure about taking something in a certain direction, then just ask first.

6: Keep to the themes of the game. If you're not sure, then just ask.

7: As mentioned, it is a game. Real life has it's necessary commitments. While the game will need to maintain momentum, I'll give a window for which to respond, if you are going to be absent for a time, a heads up will be appreciated. It's a drop in and drop out type of game, so the duration of time to respond will fluctuate (it may be fairly quick back and forth, or every few days), if there's no response however, the narrative will change to temporarily remove your character from the current events, you'll be able to rejoin the main action at any time.