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Wed 14 Oct 2020
at 20:24
The basic rules can be downloaded here:

Character Creation:

1. Character start at 1st level

2. We are using the 27 point buy system (online calculator tool:

3. I will be rolling for initiative to keep the game running smoothly.

4. It is expected to post at least 3x during Monday - Friday at a minimum. This may be scaled up if it appears that the game is stalling.

5. Starting wealth - your decision for Starting wealth or by class. There are two options under the Player’s Handbook for determining your character’s initial wealth. The first option provides you with gold to purchase your starting equipment. The second option sets you up with equipment based on your class, with a set amount of gold determined by your background.

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Tue 20 Oct 2020
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Here are the list of deities. We will use these from the Forgotten Realms