Round 1 in the Battle of the Pawnshop.   Posted by dashing.Group: 0
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Sun 11 Apr 2021
at 10:13
Round 1 in the Battle of the Pawnshop
Ulf, clearly manifesting Orlanth up the tower to anyone who can see (which is basically nobody from amongst the party so I'll spare you the purple prose I would otherwise have to inflict on you), launches another thunderous javelin down at the lead thug.

So Fyri butts one of the thugs and they set to in the middle of the street. It looks like Fyri has the advantage.

Ulf hurls another javelin striking mightily one of the thugs heading for his tower.

Mica shoots on of the thugs on the roof who loses interest in breaking in and tries to find some cover.

In other news there’s a great hammering on the roof and from the front and back doors.

No sign of Darston and the blue and red woman.

Ulf Skommson
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Wed 14 Apr 2021
at 16:09
Round 1 in the Battle of the Pawnshop
In reply to dashing (msg # 1):

I'm carrying on manifesting Orlanth and throwing javelins at the two coming to the tower.