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Local Lore
Leilon has been destroyed and rebuilt many times in its long history, and it is currently in an early stage of a rebuilding period. A little over a hundred years ago, the spellplague broke the magical wards of the High Tower of Thalivar (a Wizard who experimented with the interplanar and interdimensional) and released all of its guardians, who then rampaged through the town. Any survivors that did not flee were then subject to the new magical forces from the tower that paralyzed all who looked upon it. Leilon was abandoned at this point and everyone on the High Road took a wide detour around its ruins to avoid the sight of the tower. The beacon inside the tower responsible for the paralyzing effect has recently been destroyed.

The settlers tasked with rebuilding Leilon are funded variously by the Lords of either Neverwinter or Waterdeep, allies of each other within the Lord's Alliance. These Lords hope the town can act as a safe waypoint between the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep, as well as protect travelers from threats originating in the swampy Mere of Dead Men.