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Character Creation.

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The Keeper
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Wed 28 Oct 2020
at 19:21
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Character Creation

We will start at 4th level, with standard point buy.

Sources Allowed: PHB, Xanathar's Guide To Everything, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.
Feats: Yes
Multiclassing: Yes
HP: Max at first level,roll at later levels.
Equipment: Standard for your class + 50 gp or 100gp + 50 gp. Don't forget the trinket.

Races: Races are a special case. This is a homebrewed world. There are no elves, dwarves, halflings, etc. However, the races of this world map into one or more of these races. (See Below)

Classes: There are some lore changes to classes. (See Below)
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The Keeper
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Thu 29 Oct 2020
at 00:36
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The following races exist in the world, they are represented using one or more core races (you find them in parenthesis):

Humans (Humans/Variant Human).- Humans are the main race in the world. They however have several offshots:

  • Boreans (Dwarf) - Huge and resilient Northern humans.  They adapted to the cold climates close to the poles.
  • Nymphlings (Gnome)- Fairer and more delicate humans that can be skilled in the magic arts. They mostly come from the tropical coasts around the inner sea. Some claim to be the descendants of immortals.

Lomari (Elf) - They are humanoids with fox-like features. Tall and lean, with pointy furry ears. They have claw-like nails that they hone and use as weapons. (This is a reflavored version of elven shortsword proficiency)
  • Zeroes (Half-elves).- Zeroes are humans with Lomari ancestry. They look more human-like than Lomari-like. However, every few generations, some discover magical talents comparable to their ancestors. When they do so, their features turn Lomari-like and become undistinguishable from "pure" Lomari.

Gubelim (Dragonborn, Tiefling, Drow) - They are spirit-like creatures, many live in the dark and prefer to mess in the matters of humans from afar. The greater ones are even worshiped as deities. However weaker ones sometimes live among humans and make a display of their supernatural gifts openly.

Shubbet (Halflings) - Fluffy and carefree small humanoids (think muppets). Many of them make a living as indentured servants to other races. Their childlike demeanor and immature ways make them essentially playmates and guardians to children, and they typically remain under the care of their "masters" once they grow up.

Nephilim (Tiefling, Drow) - Humans with angelic ancestry. They display angelic and demonic qualities.

Bearaler (Half-orc)- Antisocial loner bear-like humanoids. These creatures seem to have evolved from ursines. They don't have a proper society of their own, with each Bearaler leading a lone isolated existence and keeping a personal hunting ground. They have no understanding of social constructs of any kind, not even gender. The closest thing they have to a culture is their own language that is passed on to cubs, but once they have grown enough to fend for themselves, they are thrown out never to gather with their kind again except to mate, or to join temporal hordes under a strong leader to invade new territories.
Sometimes Bearalers that find themselves without a territory wander into human lands and join military or mercenary groups.
The Keeper
GM, 4 posts
Thu 29 Oct 2020
at 02:06
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Barbarian.- No meaningful changes.

Bard.- Bard's aren't considered arcane magic, just supernatural and referred to as "Lyrical fighters" they fight with supernatural music. They lose their bard abilities if they learn magic.

Cleric.- Clerics are very uncommon.

The following greater Gubelim support clerics
Enker (Knowledge)
Zugen (War)
Aghar (Life, Nature)
Miya (Trickery)

The following Immortals support clerics
Thous (Tempest)
Meredith (War)
Aiusa (Light)
Yasabi (Nature)
Whornious (Knowledge)
Wulfest (Forge)

The following Cryptic gods support clerics
The Night Lady.-The cleric of the Night Lady is known as the Thanaloi or the necromancer.(Knowledge, Grave)

Druid.- Despite they deriving their magic from the natural world around them, druids are considered arcane. Since their tradition relies on spirits, they are utlimately connected to Xandir

Monk.- Ki traditions are mostly held by Gubelim. Many monks hail from the Moon Empire.

Paladin.- Paladins are extremely rare, each of them has received the blessing of a Cryptic god.

devotion.- Champions of Mother
ancients.- Champions of the Shining lord, Samsarah
vengeance. Champions of Yal-i
conquest.- Champions of Yal-ah or the White Predator
redemption.- Champions of the Night Lady or the Night Bird

Sorcerer.- Sorcerers aren't considered arcane magic. Some awake their own magic, some inherited a knack for it, and some are blessed by the Mother. They are uncommon.
          Avatars.- Some entities keep unique avatars. These avatars are represented by sorcerers:
      Yal-i.- Wild Magic
      The Night bird.-Shadow Magic

Wizard.- Wizards are arcane magic. Their practice isn't widespread, but they are more common than sorcerers. They regard Druids as another tradition.
         Avatars: These avatars are represented by wizards.
       Yal-ah.- The avatar wizard gains knowledge from Yal-ah, however Yal-ah doesn't grant power to its avatar.

Warlock.- Warlocks are arcane or not depending on the patron. These are the patrons that correspond to the different pacts:
       Great old one.- The Source, these pacts are dangerous, because the Source would kill the warlock -and possibly the whole world- should it become aware of them.This is an arcane patron.
       Infernal.- Important demons are Kira, Xam, Asmus and Legion. Zugen also provides infernal pacts. This is an arcane patron.
       Celestial.- Important Angels Hare Harold, Dalf, Riel and Zral. Aghar also provides celestial pacts.
       Fey.- Xandir is the most important pact giver, Miya also provides Fey pacts.
       Hexblade.- Famous blades include Liber (the royal sword), Blacken (the hero sword), Dian (the glass sword), and Meta's feather (the celestial sword)
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