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The world.
The White Islands are a small archipelago of four islands North of the Meidia Continent. In ancient times, it was home to the Willian people. Then it got colonized by a group of Numphlings which came from the inner sea of Meidia and across the mainland.

Then Borean incursions started, and some of them finally established. These waves of people's migrating over the centuries left the White Islands a very diverse and cosmopolitan place. Five centuries ago, Iriam the first managed to conquer and unify all people's in the White Islands under a single crown. Thus the newly formed country of Albus set out to explore, colonize and conquer lands across the Ocean while looking for the riches of Amato. Trade with Amato brought some Lomari immigrants that quickly integrated into the society.

Ondinium was the seat of power of the Crown and it grew prosperous. But all golden ages have to end. The first blow was losing a war overseas with the kingdom of Kenraikh over the control of some colonies in the north of Anwa (The western continent). Then the remaining colonies rebelled, and while Albus managed to hold onto its colonies, the war effort weakened its economy.

Losing the whole armada in a war with Berin was the killing blow. Local nobles everywhere seized the chance to assert their own autonomy and ignore the Crown. Albus quickly fractured as a result, and the royal family lost their grip on the White Islands, eventually even Ondinium had to declare itself a free City in order to maintain trade and avoid getting invaded by the newly created fiefs around. The Royals finally retired to their ancestral fief where their powerbase remained mostly intact.

Nowadays, Ondinium remains a prosperous port which trades with countries everywhere. However, it lives in the shadow of the powerful Amato empire (The Sun empire), and the newly created Neo-berin in Anwa (The Moon empire). Both keep agents in the free city, and typically use it as a ground for proxy wars.

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The Pantheons
There are two main pantheons in the setting. The greater Gubelim and the Immortals.

Greater Gubelim
The Greater Gubelim are effectively deities.

Kazan.- The overgoddess of the pantheon. She is revered as the mother of all spirits. She has both celestial and earthly aspects. To the point it seems there's actually two different entities behind her. (N)

Aghar.- Goddess of good and ruler of light. Wife to Zugen (LG)

Zugen.- God of evil and ruler of darkness. Husband of Aghar (LE)

Enker.- God of knowledge and ruler of order. (LN)

Miya.- Goddess of Beauty, ruler of chaos. She is commonly misunderstood as a trickster goddess, but she is more complex than just that. Followers of Enker typically refer to her as Krogar and view her cult as illegitimate. Most of the lesser Gubelim are Miyaites(CG)

The immortals

The immortals are mainly worshiped under different names by those of Borean and Nymphling descent.

Thous (CN).- God of Storms, nymphlings consider him the overgod.
Meredith (LN).- Goddess of Graceful war and beauty.
Aiusa (NG).- Goddess of love, mercy and light.
Yasabi (N).- Goddess of nature, plants and elements.
Whornious (N).- God of knowledge, teacher of arcane magic and patron of diviners. Boreans consider him the overgod.
Wulfest (LN).- God of Fire, patron of Blacksmiths.
Rado (CN).- God of Brutal war.
Hanoda(N).- Hanoda is a goddess of knowledge and crafts. She favors Ki users.
Lios (CG).- The solar god
Lien (NG).- The moon goddess.