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Before you send an RTJ (Important!)

Posted by The KeeperFor group 0
The Keeper
GM, 22 posts
Sat 26 Jun 2021
at 23:16
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Before you send an RTJ (Important!)

Players seeking to join this game need to fulfill two requisites before sending an RTJ.

1) Start a D&D 5e game.

2) Keep the game active with at least four players for as long as you are a player in this game.

The game can be anything you want, but it has to follow these characteristics:

1) Be open to all ages. General or Mature, but not Adult.
2) Be open to all players of 5e. Not requiring membership on an external site or service.
3) Exist entirely within RPOL.
4) Be created for the purpose of fulfilling this requisite. A game predating the publication of this thread doesn't count.

The purpose of this requirement is to encourage others to create 5e games and to avoid having a flood of applications. I'll publish the list of new games in game too.

If I'm already a player in one of your games, that game counts even if it isn't a 5e game and it predates this thread.

If you are already a player in this game, this requisite doesn't apply to you.
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Alison Romtree
NPC, 18 posts
Master of Precious
Sat 26 Jun 2021
at 23:29
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Before you send an RTJ

There is also Alison Romtree. She is important for the campaign. She is available for taking over. If you want to take over her, you are also free from the requirement of starting a game, but you have to make an audition.

Allison is a human soldier, member of the guard, and most importantly, owner/master of Precious.

If you take over her, you can rebuild her if you want, as long as you preserve these basic facts

Sorry, she is claimed.
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