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Fri 30 Oct 2020
at 11:37
Want to join?
As stated we'll be using a slightly modified version of the Lifepoint system to generate characters, I've linked the system we'll use below, so you can try it out. We'll run the actual character creation when accepted and added to the cast.

Of course, coming in with a broad idea of what you wish to play is highly advised, and there are two simple conditions for your character:

1) As the campaign starts before the opening of the vault on Pluto, players have no knowledge of the dark symmetry or anything connected to it. There's no brotherhood yet, and the cartel, though already formed has not created the doomtrooper legions yet.

2) Your character either works for Luna P.D. or is connected in such a way to the organization that they would be hired by it for an investigation.

I require no info in the RTJ, everything can be worked out after acceptance.