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TalíDoreiís vast heartland, framed by the Stormcrest and Cliffkeep Mountains, contains miles and miles of rolling hills, tallgrass prairies, sky-blue rivers, and fertile farmlands. Within these plains, the hardworking people of the realm tend to their fields and businesses while the armed protectors of civilization battle back the wild beasts and wandering bandits looking to prey on these points of enduring society. The Silvercut Roadway meanders across the endless plains, connecting the coasts and bringing caravans between with fresh trade and intrigue to the industrious pioneers of central TalíDorei.

A caravannerís life is though not without danger, though. Warbands of Ravagers, a chaotic horde of orcs and goblinoids rove the grasslands, slaughtering and pillaging indiscriminately. Packs of nomad gnolls also steal from humanoid caravans, though diplomats have recently begun to broker a peace between humans and gnolls to unite against the greater threat of the Ravagers. Beyond the grassy plains, owlbears and other arcane monstrosities stalk the wooded regions. Tribes of wild centaurs also gallop across the open plains, delivering the Archeartís justice as they see fit.

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The Slayer's Take of the Dividing Plain
The Slayer's Take guild hall that will be available for this game is not the Slayer's Take of Vasselheim. This guild hall is based within the Dividing Plain and is paid to hunt rare animals, typically for specific parts of the animal. The Slayer's Take of the Dividing Plain pays homage to The Huntress, the goddess of hunts, strength, and fate and not the gynosphinx, Osysa.


Riyame Aakta "Wildfury", Fae-Blooded Human ????

A fae-blooded human, Riyame leads the mission to take these ancient ruins and use them as a guild hall for the Slayer's Take. While she is kept busy with the duties of the guild by day, she is often occupied by what slumbers deep beneath the guild hall by night. She uses her physical prowess and affinity with nature to guide the Slayer's Take.

Due to her multiple responsibilities, guild members are led by Oris Brambleblade, a no-nonsense gnome.

          Oris Brambleblade, Gnome Blood Hunter

          Oris has dreams of leading the Slayer's Take himself however he exceeds to the
          wishes of Riyame as is proper. The gnome has an explosive interest in combat and
          is known to not "trust" those whom he has not crossed blades with.

          The current wielder of the "blackbramble" a wicked magical shortsword which has
          many magics worked into its length Oris draws solace from combat but is quick to
          laugh and help a friend in need.

                     Justice Tiefling, Wizard (Abjurer)

                     Serving as the master of the material needs of the budding guild hall, Justice
                     is a tiefling wizard whose dedication to the arcane arts are only eclipsed by his
                     loyalty to the guild house.

Before being accepted into the guild, all members are first tested by being sent to complete a contract in under three days. Upon returning to the guildhall after successfully completing their contracts, members are brought to meet the Wildfury. Riyame brands each of the members of her guild hall with the Dividing Plain guild mark, identifying them as fully fledged members of the Slayer's Take.

This brand is typically received behind the left ear. The brands of the Slayer's Take are not largely known (or understood) outside of the guild.

As a newly inducted member of the Slayer's Take your character is third level and has just completed your first contract. All races (and classes) available within the DnD canon universe are allowed to join the guild. Hitpoints will not be rolled for this campaign, at each level you will receive max hit dice amount+CON mod (if positive). You will use the following stat array for character generation: 16,15,14,13,12,10. You have been shipped to the Dividing Plain to help start a new guild house and to receive your guild mark. Although you are members of 'the Take, Wildfury, the leader of the Dividing Plain's guild house has asked each of you to prove your worth by going on another mission.

The mission is to return with the remains of four giant frogs. These creatures are prized for their special glands which allow them to excrete strange toxins through their skin and a number of other organs which are not completely understood of the beast.

You have yet to earn your first "payday" from the Slayer's Take and so start the game with the gear a 1st level character would with two exceptions. Before your journey you were gifted with the following items by Justice the Tiefling.

     One +1 weapon *or* A set of +1 armor of your choice
     One Healing Potion (2d4+2 HP)


Few records remain from the time period known as the Calamity but its effects are still felt today. The sheer magnitude of the energies unleashed in the ensuing battles of gods and mortals alike was enough to fray the boundaries holding back the elemental chaos.

In hopes of ensuring such ruin would not befall Exandria again, the Prime Deities left their children to fend for themselves within and beyond the walls of Vasselheim. They returned to their own realms, dragging both Betrayer Gods and their abominations with them and sealing the pathways to the mortal realm behind them with the Divine Gate. Only in this way could they prevent their corrupted brethren from physically returning to the material plane. Sadly, for the Prime Deities, they understanding of the corruptive powers of their enemies was poor...

As the Betrayers and their flesh-forged abominations were dragged through the Divine Gate they swore a curse on the gods. Upon the pronunciation of this curse as the blood from the Chained Oblivion struck the sea-The Behemoths were born.

These monsters were brought into the world for a single purpose.

To destroy all that is.

A hellish war erupted and the two factions battled endlessly, until eventually the Behemoths were bested.  The men of the world celebrated as their great enemy was defeated but, their celebrations were too soon.

The Behemoths used the lie of their defeat to lick their wounds. They slunk away and waited in their dark places, recovering their strength. And as the fates would have it, one of these dark vessels was just recently discovered by man.

And although they did not recognize the ancient evil which began poisoning them, they great to be mighty vessels for the primal darkness.

And as the moth is drawn to the flame, so were others drawn to the Darkness. Soon, through this dark communion a new enemy rose. Chained to the enduring hate and malignant malice of the Chained Oblivion, these wickedly evil creatures increase their number, while hiding behind a mortal veneer (for they understand the weaknesses of the Prime Deities profoundly) waiting for just the right time to strike out, against the light of the world.

While traveling south of Kymal along the Wildwood Byway, just outside of the Ivyheart Thicket, travelers can spot a mile-wide cluster of broken stone, salted earth, and a single obsidian monument to the death of Warren Drassig, one of the most infamous and terrible figures in TalíDorei history. This scarred patch of land marks the ruins of the village of Torthil, which played an important role in the Scattered War, and harbored the ambush that led to the death of King Warren Drassig.

Destroyed out of vengeance by Warrenís son Neminar the Black Fingered, the now long-weathered wreckage and broken foundations of the town now harbor not only ghosts and unsavory creatures drawn to places of such dark history but also a new guild house of the Slayer's Take as begun to make a nest within the innards of this place of profound and dark portents.

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