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Sat 31 Oct 2020
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Character Creation
  • Gestalt
  • Allowed sources: Most official material
  • Optimization Needed: Low-moderate
  • Fractional Base Bonuses
  • Prestige classes only on one side of a progression
  • Limit 1 incomplete prestige class
  • No psionic classes (Required for a plot conceit early on)

Starting Level: 10
Ability Score Method: 35 pt-buy or (4d6 drop lowest roll 7 times pick 6)
# Gamble on the RNG, at your own risk. I'll be using the DMGs fairly harsh rules when it comes to rerolls.

HP: Max for level 1; Fractional average or roll for subsequent levels.

Feats: You may take 1 flaw in order to gain 1 additional feat.

Experience: I'll be using milestone leveling.

XP Cost: Since we're not tracking XP. Costs will be paid in GP. A component known as Crystallized Stardust is required in place of experience costs for spells and magic items at a costs of 5 gp per XP.

Starting Wealth: 49,000 gp

Item Creation: You may pay reduced cost for having made your own gear. There is a hard cap of 10,000 gp worth of gear you can obtain in this way (about 20% of starting wealth.)
# The Effective cost of a magic item you create is 70% instead of 50% due to paying for the XP cost in gold.

Alignment: Characters must be willing to help vanquish an evil dragon with a group. Group must be willing to vanquish an evil dragon with character.

Pantheon: Greyhawk Pantheon (aka the Core Pantheon)

Background: The initial group will be a band of adventurers who've worked together for some time. Players will be expected to work out a reasonable shared background from 1st to 10th level.

Bonus Background: I'd like someone to play as the returning Lord of the Unnamed city under the Devil's Chimney volcano. A suitable mining race is preferred, you would be not the original heir, but the sole survivor of your line, because Ixenmiirik ate your family.
Luminous being
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 04:30
Character Creation
# Note this will be visible in the Request to Join screen, but is included here as well for convenience.

  1. Name
  2. Race & Classes
  3. What are your goals for this character, in particular? This could be narrative, mechanics, or just image. Another way to phrase this is: what about this character will be fun to play?
  4. Character personality virtues
  5. Character personality flaws
  6. How do you see your character developing over time?
  7. What kind of motivation is needed to get your character in an adventure

Note I haven't asked for a background. Because I'd like you to keep in mind being flexible to work those details out with the group.
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Sun 1 Nov 2020
at 15:26
Character Creation
Going to have to temporarily add the Binder to the Ban list because they just won't work in the setting, and I can't/won't entertain workarounds until I can explain why without spoilers.
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Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 13:49
Character Creation
Racial Hit Dice - Take up one side of a Gestalt
Level Adjustment - Take up BOTH sides of a Gestalt

LA & Ability Bumps / Feats - Calculate ability bumps and feats based on your equivalent level ignoring level adjustment.

Custom Magic Items - Allowed but try to not go nuts with this.