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Luminous being
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 16:21
Out of Game
So starting an ad on Halloween and my track record as an ADHD gm who tends to have ambitious ideas only to have things fizzle as the first round of people lose interest or go terribly far off plan and monkey wrenching my ideas of the range of things that might happen.

I will determine a day to pick sheets after I see how quickly applications come in. I will at the very least not be selecting any applications before Monday. I consider 4 players being the workable minimum and the workable max being about 8, maybe 12 if someone would like to join in as a co-GM.
Luminous being
 GM, 5 posts
Sun 1 Nov 2020
at 17:20
Out of Game
So I'm at a point in applications where I can be selective. I don't like being a giant tease in less than fun ways. I expect the advertisement will vanish from the front page Tuesday, so I'm leaning toward picking the players late Wednesday. So people who had a busy weekend have a fair shot at things and I don't have to delay things too long.