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Pregame Thread: Character Creation and Homebrew
Character Creation

Level 1 characters

All official classes and subclasses allowed.  Classes from Unearthed Arcana are subject to review, but I am open to doing so.  No third party or external homebrew.  Nothing from Tasha's Cauldron of least, not yet.

Races are Faerun standard.  No monster races--the Hellriders do have SOME standards.

Add the HONOR stat to your character sheet.  Use the Standard Array plus a 17: (so 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

Standard Equipment Selection for your class (not Gold-buy).  If you are proficient with something not on given to your by your class (e.g. like Medium Armor for your Mountain Dwarf Wizard) you may "Petition the Quartermaster" (i.e. ask me) to have the item added to your sheet for free.  Likewise any spellcaster may petition for one Material Component that costs Money to be added for free.  Anyone who takes neither of these options (or has their request refused) may add a Potion of Healing to their kit for free.

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Pregame Thread: Character Creation and Homebrew

Modified Alignment/Honor Stat

Given that this adventure will eventually lead to Hell, the traditional alignment chart isn’t particularly useful.  So we’re going basically ignore the alignment chart and try something else--the Honor Stat.

Honor is a Seventh Attribute (see character creation) mentioned in the DMG that gives weight to your character’s actions.  When making your character you pick its starting point as normal, but unlike your other stats, Honor will fluctuate based on actions taken during play.  This fluctuation will be determined at the end of a “scene” by the DM.  If your actions were particularly virtuous, you gain honor, if they were heinous, you will lose honor.  Simple as that.

See the chart below for a breakdown of various Honor bonuses and their meaning:

Modifier - Description
+5 - A Literal Saint.  Expect to see statues and hear about her miracles in a few years.
+4 - Lancelot.  He must be powered by virtue or something because being THAT honorable is almost impossible.
+3 - The best person I know.  Literally, I know no one better.
+2 - Good People.  A person whose virtuous nature is apparent to anyone that knows them.
+1 - A Decent Person.  Most folk aspire to have this ranking, betting a net positive without inconveniencing themselves too much
0 - A Reasonable Person.  Laws are written with this person in mind.  Someone who acts in his own self interest so long as it breaks no laws.  They are still going to The Bad Place, but somehow are also boring while they do it.
-1 - Ruffian. A petty crook or burglar who may not play by the rules but knows how to cheat and can teach you.  Good to have in the adventuring business, but don’t bring to parties.
-2 - Career Criminal.  A person who makes a habit of doing evil things for evil reasons.  Gang members, cultists and most landlords have this rating
-3 - Do not associate.  Violent psychopath, murderer, serial rapist or otherwise person who flaunts the rules of society for their own sick amusement.  Deserving of jail or death at least.
-4 or greater - Kill on sight.  Zero tolerance.  Things with this level honor or lower are inhuman monsters, vampires and liches that prey on good folk and can only be trusted to act in their own sick self interest.  Suffer them not to live.

To incentivize you to care about your Honor Stat, the following mechanics have been added.

The Honor Roll:
[Honor] times per Long Rest (min 1), you may reroll any die roll of your choice (attack, save, skill etc.) adding your Honor to your base roll (e.g. if your attack roll is at +5, and your Honor is +2, your reroll will be +7)

Upon My Honor:
In social situations, you may “Swear on your honor” (or similar verbiage) to gain a reroll on any persuasion, deception, or an intimidation roll.  Obviously, rolling poorly, lying, or reneging on these promises may cause a dip in honor, but such is the risk when you put your honor on the line.

Judge Character:
At any time any character may roll Insight (Honor) to gain some knowledge of any NPC’s moral fiber.  This is an opposed roll vs Deception (Charisma) so your information may not be entirely accurate.

(Paladin) Divine Sense Alteration:
Most folks only get basic insights about another person (and most often what they see is what their target wishes them too).  Not so for a Paladin.  If they expend a use of their divine sense while looking at an unwarded, unobstructed person, they may learn their target’s honor score.  This sense is not infallible, but it is leaps and bounds better than what mortal perception can achieve.

Modified Backgrounds (Sin Mechanics)
When you select your flaw for your background, you will select one of the “sins” below to go with it (instead of noting its usual allignment).  These are used to indicate how you want your character to be “tempted” over the course of the game.  At certain points during the game I will send private messages to everyone’s characters offering Inspiration in exchange for acting in concordance with your sin.  This is not intended to be taking control away from you, but to incentivize roll-playing fallible characters

Seven Deadly DnD Sins

-- +1 STR
-- Struggles with the Virtue Patience
-- Bane of the Fighter
Anger is universal, and channeled correctly great things can be done through harnessing these passions.  However many choose just to explode and let the damage fall where it may.  Thus great harm comes from a temper unrestrained or a taste for violence indulged too quickly.

Sins of Wrath include:
-killing an enemy begging for mercy
-engaging in torture
-choosing to initiate combat as a matter of expediency

-- +1 DEX
-- Struggles with the Virtue Charity
-- Bane of the Rogue
The accumulation of wealth is expected in the field of adventuring, and no matter how noble your organization some amount of mercantilism is always necessary.  Greed, however, makes the accumulation of wealth the End itself rather than the Means to the End.

Sins of Greed include
-Stealing from comrades and allies
-Taking anything from someone less fortunate than yourself
-Bullying a shopkeeper into giving you a discount
-Running cons of any sort

-- +1 Constitution
-- Struggles with the Virtue Temperance
-- Bane of the Barbarian
Bodies are mortal, and require food and drink and many other petty things to continue walking about, and no one would begrudge a man from doing whatever he could to keep his life going.  But as with many things in excess, this impulse to take all for your own survival causes real harm in those inevitably left without.

As a note, sex is not as taboo in Faerun as it is on earth, as such many sins relating to sexual gratification are in fact sins of Gluttony rather than Lust (see below)

Sins of Gluttony include:
-Eating more than your lot of a meager shared meal.
-Getting Drunk to the point of uselessness
-Hiring both prostitutes at a small inn

-- +1 INT
--Struggles with the Virtue Kindness
--Bane of the Wizard

In the journey of life, it is impossible not to compare oneself with one’s peers, both for learning of new techniques and for self-evaluation.  Envy, however, takes this to the extreme, often to the detriment of both friends and these self-declared rivals.

Sins of Envy include:
-Going out of your way to confront a rival
-Stealing a wizard’s spellbook
-Killing a man just for his magic sword.
-Looking for shortcuts to greater power

-- +1 WIS
--Bane of the Druid
--Struggles with the Virtue Diligence

With all the opportunities for Sin in the world, it might seem a good idea to retreat from the world entirely.  To hide away in one’s own corner and commit no wrong simply by doing nothing at all.  However, sins of omission are still sins, and doing nothing is often the worst thing one can do.

Sins of Sloth include:

-Falling asleep while on watch
-Ignoring someone getting mugged just down an alley
-Responding to a plea for aide with “Not My Problem”

+1 CHA
--Bane of the Bard
--Struggles with the Virtue Chastity
Human beings all have strong ambitions, and Adventurers often have the strongest ambitions of all.  These drives often lead them to great heights and unimaginable glory, but they also come with a dark side.  If the goal is wrongheaded, then the pursuit likewise becomes wrong.  And such foolish pursuits often lead to the most tragic ends.

Sins of Lust include
-Declaring Revenge against a person for wrongs committed
-Seducing a dragon, just to see if you can
-Inflicting a sexual act on an unwilling or reluctant partner
-Delving into dark magic to perfect “Your Art”

-- +2 HON (yes, +2)
--Bane of the Paladin
--Struggles with the Virtue Humility
Pride is considered the most heinous of sins because of how easily it creeps up upon us in the guise of virtue.  Knowing your worth as a person, comprehending what trials you have overcome and deeds of arms you have achieved all contribute to a healthy and whole person.  But pride takes that accomplishment and sours it, turns all those accolades into fuel for the ego, and treats those deeds of arms as naught but stepping stones to future glories.  You can be the most virtuous man in the world, and still struggle with Pride.

Sins of Pride Include:
Any action undertaken to prevent loss of “Face” either to yourself, or your organization
Berating another for acting sinfully
Insisting others adhere to your rituals (as, obviously, your rituals are the most righteous)
Chastising others for not “knowing their place”
Boasting of your (exaggerated) accomplishments

Also, people who struggle with pride are still human, and are subject to their base desires like any other.  Chose a second sin, you fall victim to its lure as well.

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Pregame Thread: Character Creation and Homebrew
New Background

Hellrider Foundling

Unlike most Hellriders, who were press-ganged into service or volunteered, you were raised among them.  The brothers and sisters in charge of the Orphanarium raised you, taught you a trade and intended to send you back out into the world.  However for whatever reason, you chose to take your "final vows" and become a hellrider in truth.

Skills: Perception, Survival
Tools: Land Vehicles, Artisan's Tools (any)
Equipment: A suit of traveling clothes, a set of Artisan's Tools matching your proficiency, a trinket from your parents, a book of proverbs, and a belt pouch containing 5 GP

Feature: The Wheels of War
You're painfully aware of how much WORK an organization like the Hellriders takes to keep running.  And you know how to expediate the process as much as possible.  When travelling along official roads or waterways you cover 20% more distance than expected. You also have instant rapport with dock workers, teamsters, or other squads of organized workers.

Use Acolyte tables for the rest.

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