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Tue 8 Dec 2020
at 01:00
Rulings and Miscellany
A designated thread for any "official DM rulings" or other mechanical concerns.

Starting with:

How we're doing combat

All the monsters are going to act on the same initiative spot either "Before" or "After" the party depending on how well they roll (if they roll better than half of you, they go first, if half of you do better than them, you go first).

You will post your actions when you can. I'll put them in the correct order once everyone has gone (or Sunday arrives).  Feel free to coordinate either here or by PMs if there's something that needs coordinating (healing someone who's down for instance).  That should give us maximum efficiency with minimum effort on everyone's part.

Movement is going to be tricky as RPOL does NOT handle mapping well.  Best way I've found is to give everyone movement "bands" (engaged, near, distant, far etc.) that they can move between.  Theater of the mind is a little tricky, but I think we can manage it.

I'll keep a "scoreboard" of sorts under each of my posts.  It will be up to you to copy/paste it at the bottom of your posts (with changes based on what you do).  You'll see how that works once I post the first combat round.
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Tue 8 Dec 2020
at 02:58
Rulings and Miscellany
For clarification, I've got three different things I want Seth to do in three different scenarios:
  1. If we go before the goblins
  2. If the goblins go before us, and Seth is not engaged in melee range
  3. If the goblins go before us, and Seth is engaged in melee range
I won't always be this reactive, but in this case how would you like me to put that together for the current thread? Announce all three ahead of time how everyone else has been doing it or wait for my turn and then just post the one that applies?