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Character Creation.

Posted by AenarionFor group 0
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Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 20:38
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Character Creation

Please follow these rules and guidelines for the creation of your characters:

  • Resources: All current Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition material and published 3rd party material is allowed (not just a random entry on some website). Please provide me with a quick overview of any 3rd party sources you are going to use for your character. Note that I will reserve the right to decline things later on.

  • Races: I'm not a big fan of certain races for my high-level games, so please refrain from using Grung, Kenku, or Tortles for your PC race. Other, similarly exotic races from a 3rd party source might fall under this as well.

  • Setting: As pointed out in the Game Info, several worlds are being threatened at the same time. This means you are free to include character concepts from the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Ravenloft and any other published setting or one of your own design.

  • Level: Starting Level is 17

  • Ability Scores: You may roll seven times 4d6 for generating attributes, dropping the lowest die of each roll and dropping the lowest overall result. If the final stats are not to your liking, you may use the official Point-Buy System with 27 points instead.

  • Hit Points: Characters receive max HP for the first level, thereafter you can roll or use the average, rounded up, if the roll is below the average.

  • Alignment:: Any, including evil!

  • Equipment: No need to buy basic equipment, as long as it is listed in an official book we can assume that the PCs had access to it over the course of their career.

  • Magic Items: Everyone can select six magic items of the Common, Uncommon, Rare or Very Rare categories. These items also need to have been published, though 3rd party is also permitted (as long as you mention this detail at some point during the character creation process). In addition, everyone will start with 5x Potion of Greater Healing and 3x Potion of Superior Healing.

  • Attunement: We will use attunement for magic items, but there will be no maximum number of attuned items you can have active at the same time.

  • Variant Rule: We will use the Feat rule variant. As above, feats can come from 3rd party sources, pending my final approval.

  • Experience: This campaign will not use experience points.

  • Spells & Material Components: All spellcasters may spend up to 10.000 gp on material components. Wizards may add an extra 2 spells per character level to their spellbook for free, regardless of the level (34 spell levels in total, up to the maximum level you are able to cast). We will assume that they have come across several occasions to copy and learn new spells over their years of adventuring.

  • Bookkeeping: No need to track encumbrance, non-magical ammunition, or basic spell components without a significant value (anything below 25 gp).

  • Mounts: You are free to request a special mount of your character (like a griffon, a pegasus, or even a nightmare), as long as the CR of the monster is not higher than 5. See how mounts will be treated in the house rule section of this thread.

  • Descriptions & Portraits: Players will be expected to fill out a complete character description and have a portrait as close to their characters likeness as they can find.  You may feel free to add a picture of your own choice to your Character Description (provided it is accurate and meets all of RpoL's Rules). If you provide me with such a picture, I will use it instead of your chosen avatar for your combat token on battle maps.

  • Languages: This game will use Rpol's language group option.

  • Speech: Choose a color to represent your character's speech, use quotation marks, and announce your choice to let everyone else know about it. Orange is reserved for OOC comments and mechanical rules text.

  • Writing Style: Please be aware that you should write in the Past Tense and use the italic formatting for internal thoughts!

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GM, 3 posts
Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 20:43
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Character Creation - House Rules

Here I will list any house rules for this game, though I will try to keep them limited.

  • Potions can be used with a bonus action as long as your PC has them available and within easy reach (on a belt, for example, not in the backpack). Administering a potion to someone else costs your main action.

  • If you have decided to want a mount for your character, there are two ways of how we can handle them. Either they will be an active combatant during encounters, or a passive one. You make this choice at some point before the first battle is commenced.

    In the first case, it means that you will be able to control your mount during combat, make attacks with it and provide you with any other benefits (like flying should your mount be capable of that). In turn, this means that enemies can freely attack your mount as well should they choose to do so and with it the very real risk of killing it.

    In the second case, it means the mount is more a flavor addition to your character. Something(one) you and other can interact with during roleplaying scenes and help you to get to and from places. But they will not play an active role in combat (and with this remain safe from any harm).

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GM, 4 posts
Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 20:45
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Character Creation - House Rules

Please use the following character sheet (quote this post for the code), or use an external one of your choice:



 Character Name  : Name
 Race / Class    :
 Level / Exp Pts :
 Background      :



 Strength     =     10   (+0) 10 Base
 Dexterity    =     10   (+0) 10 Base
 Constitution =     10   (+0) 10 Base
 Intelligence =     10   (+0) 10 Base
 Wisdom       =     10   (+0) 10 Base
 Charisma     =     10   (+0) 10 Base

 Proficiency Bonus =
 Perception (passive wisdom) =

 Racial (Race)

 Class (Class)



 ( )Strength     =      +0
 ( )Dexterity    =      +0
 ( )Constitution =      +0
 ( )Intelligence =      +0
 ( )Wisdom       =      +0
 ( )Charisma     =      +0



 ( )  Acrobatics (Dex)      +0       ( )  Medicine (Wis)        +0
 ( )  Animal Handling (Wis) +0       ( )  Nature (Int)          +0
 ( )  Arcana (Int)          +0       ( )  Perception (Wis)      +0
 ( )  Athletics  (Str)      +0       ( )  Performance (Cha)     +0
 ( )  Deception (Cha)       +0       ( )  Persuasion (Cha)      +0
 ( )  History (Int)         +0       ( )  Religion (Int)        +0
 ( )  Insight (Wis)         +0       ( )  Sleight of Hand (Dex) +0
 ( )  Intimidation (Cha)    +0       ( )  Stealth (Dex)         +0
 ( )  Investigation (Int)   +0       ( )  Survival (Wis)        +0



 Armor Class          :
 Initiative (passive) :
 Speed                :

 Hit Dice             :
 Max Hit Points       :
 Current Hit Points   :
 Temporary Hit Points :

 Weapon type(m or r)   /   Bonus   /   Damage (Type)

 ** m or r stands for melee or ranged



 Age / Gender       :
 Height / Weight    :
 Eyes / Skin / Hair :
 Description        :

 Background          :
 Skill Proficiencies :
 Tool Proficiencies  :
 Languages           :

 Features      :
 Traits        :
 Ideal         :
 Bonds         :
 Flaws         :



    Equipment List
 Description                 Cost       Weight


 PP =
 EP =
 GP =
 SP =
 CP =

 Gems =

 Jewelry =

 Other =

   Magic Items



 Spell    Spell SV     Spell      Spell
 Lvl         DC       ATK MOD     Slots

 Spellbook Spells Known = 0
 Spell        Ref Page     Casting Time     Range     Duration     Components

 Level One
 Spell        Ref Page     Casting Time     Range     Duration     Components   Ritual?

 Level Two
 Spell        Ref Page     Casting Time     Range     Duration     Components   Ritual?

 Level Three
 Spell        Ref Page     Casting Time     Range     Duration     Components   Ritual?

 Level Four
 Spell        Ref Page     Casting Time     Range     Duration     Components   Ritual?

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GM, 13 posts
Sun 15 Nov 2020
at 14:33
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Character Creation - House Rules

If interested, characters may share a connection and common background story with each other should they hail from the same world/plane. You are free to work on some details about this at your leisure before the game starts.
GM, 18 posts
Mon 16 Nov 2020
at 12:15
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Character Creation - House Rules

Any new rules and variants from the upcoming 'Tasha's Cauldron of Everything' book (as long as already available in some format) may be used for character creation as well!
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