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House Rules

At first level hitpoints are rolled three times and the best result is taken. At each new level the player has the choice of either rolling the new individual hitdice gained (i.e. a fighter would roll a d8 and add the result to their current maximum hitpoints), or rolling all hitdice for the new level - e.g. a fighter reaching 4th level could roll 4d8 and get a completely new hitpoint total.

Level Drain

When hit with a level draining attack, a character immediately rolls a new maximum hitpoint total for their new level. For example, a fighter drained from level 5 to level 4 will roll 4d8 for their new maximum hp and lose any hitpoints over this amount.

Death and Dying (From LotFP)

The LotFP death & dying rules apply, which can generally be summarised as:

>0        Up and capable

0        Up, but any strenuous activity (like attacking) will cause the character to drop to -1hp

-1        Incapacitated but conscious

-2        Unconscious

-3        Dying. Will die in 1d10 rounds (rolled secretly) unless continuously tended to. See below for information about tending to a dying character.

-4        Dead. Cry out your dying words if you must.

When tending to a dying character, they will need to be tended each round or their rounds before dying will count down. This normally means that one other character must tend them continuously until combat is over. A full turn spent tending to a dying character (normally after combat) will prevent the character’s death from this countdown, and they will simply be unconscious and in bad shape at -3hp.

Attack and Save Interpolation (Labyrinth Lord-style)

Saving throws and AC0 values often advance by two or three points by default. These are smoothed somewhat where a jump of two or more happdns.

Two Weapon Combat

Fighters and rangers wielding a dagger or shortsword in their off-hand may roll both weapons’ damage dice on a successful hit and choose which result to take.

Ranged combat

For the purposes of ranged combat any creature in between the attacker and the target offer a soft cover modifier of -1 to attack. This modifier can be applied multiple times if more than one creature is blocking the target.

Recovering Ammunition

Ammunition expended in a combat can be recovered by expending a turn of time; chances of success for each item loosed are based upon the ammunition’s enhancement bonus:

Magical Enhancement

Recovery Chance

3:6 None

4:6 +1

5:6 +2

7:8 +3

9:10 +4

11:12 +5

Jumping Over Pits

A character with a 20’ run-up can jump 5’ without a roll and 10’ with a dexterity check (fall on a failure).

Learning Spells

Magic-Users start the game with a spellbook containing two 1st level spells and one 2nd level spell, and do not automatically acquire new spells as they advance in levels. New spells are learnt as listed under “Creating New Spells”, even if picked from the standard list of spells. The primary benefit of researching a spell as published in the standard list of spells is that the 15% chance of failure from researching a new spell doesn’t apply.

Characters who have access to materials such as deciphered spellbooks or scrolls may copy those spells to their spellbooks as if recreating lost but well-understood spells - the primary benefit of this is reduced time.

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