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Fourtower Bridge
Fourtower is located on the road on the  western outskirts of the realm. The name refers to the bridge itself as well as the small settlement surrounding it.

The fortified bridge provides safe passage across the river for those travelling the old King’s Road. While originally built as a protection from the King's prison, the fortification no longer serves such a role and civilians have been allowed to build houses around it, forming a small hamlet. While a few farms are scattered across the surrounding landscape, this area is certainly considered the backwoods of the realm.

The bridge construction consists of four towers and thick gates barring passage across a sturdy stone overpass. The fortification was given as reward by the local regent to a party of four adventurers who did the realm a great service many years ago. The four adventurers are now retired and live in the towers. “The Four” collect tolls from those who wish to cross the bridge, although not from locals.

Few travellers and caravans pass by the way station, those that do can take advantage of the inn’s services and some well needed rest and comfort. Fourtower bridge tends to attract adventurers as it is the last inviting place before many leagues of dangerous wilderness - windy moors, dark pine forests and craggy mountain ranges. The torches and braziers of “the bridge” are welcome beacons in the cold and dark moorland nights.